Cramps Cramps And More Cramps

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Natalie - February 8

I am 3 days late for my period and I have several pregnancy symptons. I have been having cramps for a couple of weeks now and it's driving me crazy. It's worse at night when I am trying to sleep and I haven't been sleeping real well lately due to the cramps. I have cramps off and on all day at work, it's just so unpleasant. I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same thing? Thanks


donna - February 8

i dont mean to sound harsh but, u should get that checked ....could be something called missed miscarriage and sometimes i dont think there are symptoms...well some kind of miscarriage i forgot what it was called...but get it checked out


Wendy - February 8

Natalie, that is very untrue!!!! I am 6 wks pregnant and have had cramps on and off since ovulation.... I would go to the dr, however could be pregnancy... Cramps are a sign of pregnancy by the way Donna!!!


donna - February 8

well excuse me....WENDY...well anyway i was trying to say that there are different things that can cause cramps........everyone is DIFFERENT....thats y i say go get checked natalie be on the safe side......btw good luck


Wendy - February 9

Of course there are different things.. however coming out and saying oh it maybe miscarriage is a little HARSH i think.. just telling her it maybe also be GOOD NEWS


donna - February 9

okay maybe u didnt read the posting CORRECTLY!!!!!!


Wendy - February 9

I did read it correctly.. Ok not going to have a b___h feist over it donna.. good luck to you both!


Deb - February 9

natalie, I am 7 weeks and still have the aggrevating crampy feeling pretty regular. If you haven't check to see if you are pregnant you really should do so. Atleast then you will know if that's causing the cramps. Also, either way you should probably check with your ob and let them know what's going on. You could have cyst on your ovary or something. I have had those to and they will cause pain in your stomach like cramps when they are trying to rupture. I hope all turns out well.


Tina - February 9

I have similar thing, I'm 4 days late for my period and keep getting cramps, but only on the right hand side - any ideas what this could be? (I have not yet took a pregnancy text)


tina - February 9

sorry meant test not text!


Natalie - February 9

Well thanks for all the input. I have taken 3 pregnancy tests and all were negative. I have an appointment next week with my ob/gym for a check-up, so we'll see.


Sam - February 14

I have cramps and have been bummed a__suming my period is coming but can pregnancy cramps feel JUST like period cramps?


La Rae to Sam - February 14

Yes! They feel exactly like menstrual cramps. (only mine feel a little worse because I don't get menstrual cramps with my af anymore - haven't had them for years! but it's funny how I know exactly what they are and remember what the feel like, huh? not something I think any of us women could ever forget...) When is your af due? Have you had a stuffy/runny nose? Have you been feeling 'achy' down south? Any headaches, nausea? Have your legs and arms been hurting (like you have the flu?) Mine sure have! I've been feeling real weak for the last 4 days. Mostly in my arms though.


sunny - February 14

I've been getting cramps too, but nothing too painful, just light twinges now and again on my left hand side of the lower abdomen. My husband and I had intercourse during when I was ovulating and didn't use protection as we want to start a family. The thing is, what's causing the cramps/twinges? What does it mean? Is it when the egg and sperm has 'met up' and implanting itself into the wall etc?


rebecca - February 20

I too have been having those twingy feelings. Kinda like cramps but more discomfort and just there than pain. Three days in a row 8,9,10 days post ovulation. Does that sound good. I'm due a blood test tomorrow. I've been praying for good news!


Ally - February 24

Same thing here Rebecca. 1st week of March should be my period, but in and out of cramps for last week after having s_x during ovulation. Don't know what it means.


tiffani - February 24

Me too! Cramps for over a week now, just like af cramps, but in a mild form.



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