Cramps During Implantation Or Early Pregnancy

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Dina - March 22

I hope someone can help me with this. My a/f is now three days late but so far I have only gotten negative results with hpt. I have some mild cramps, kind of on and off for about five days. I feel like a/f is about to start, but so far nothing! Could the cramps be related to implantation or could this be early signs of pregancy, or is my awful a/f on her way? (By the way I had a m/c on 1-11-05, next a/f started 2-19-05, and I could have ovulated either 3-7-05 or 3-14-05...and ttc both times). Please help me! Why am I having cramps? What should I do if still no a/f and still no positive hpt????


Dina - March 22

P.S. Lots of headaches, diziness, and discharge...could I be pregnant??????????


caz - March 23

The symptoms could be pg or af coming. Some women don't get a + hpt until weeks after a missed af so you could test again next week. I think it's a bit late for implantation but it could be your uterus stretching if pg. Is your cycle usually 40 days and do you know for sure when you ovulated?


Dina - March 23

Thanks for your reply caz- Prior to m/c my cycle was thirty days but now I have no idea! Still no a/f today but feeling crampy. I thought I was ovulating around the 7th of this month but then I saw positive ovulation tests around the 14th. If I don't get a/f today then I will test again tomorrow...we'll see!


jazy - April 8

while havng intercourse after hitting the peak i just had this pain it hurt so bad i felt like i couldnt breathe it hurt in my stomache and in my pelvic area, also im late, my b___st usually get sore a few weeks before my period and they arent at all, i pee so much that it drives me crazy. i also crave for a lot of water and spice. i sure rather be pregnant than have endometriosis, the thought of word breaks me.-the pain lasted for a good 2 minutes but it felt way longer. sometimes i cant stand the smell of things, and going to the mall makes me want to collapse right to the ground. i have not taken a pt test because im going to wait another week to see if i do come on my period so if someone out there can give me a clue then id be very happy then worried, as of now i feel fine alright.


stacey - April 8

Dina- your symptoms sound like mine- did you end up getting a BFP? or af?


jaz - April 8

what is a bfp or af


jazy - April 8

i cant sleep at night because i think to much and i have to pee and i cant hold it. and i hate smelling things


Becky - April 8

Jaz- a bfp is a "Big Fat Positive" as in a positive on a Home Pregnancy Test (HPT). AF is "Aunt Flow" or your monthly period. If you read posts that say lingo for the newbies, there are a ton posted.


stacy - April 10

i have had cramps as if a/f is coming not due until april 16. ovulated 4/5-6. had s_x on the 4th and 3/30. could this be implantation cramps or just too soon for that. fingers are crossed but trying not to get my hopes up.


kay6514 - November 24

How do you know if you are ovulating without a test????


XxbebexX - November 25

well for me...i can tell when im fertile when i have clear/eggwhite CM. Its clear and if u can stretch it a few inches before it breaks then your fertile...if im wrong anyone feel free to correct me/add in some things lol. and i usually get a little pinch on my right side like a few days before. u can google it and it will tell you.


briii - January 15

quick question.... i have light bleeding and slight back cramps could i be pregnant???



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