Cramps With Bleeding Amp Really Weird Discharge

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me - February 15

Ok, so I thought this was rather strange so Id like to know what you ladies think..cant find much about it searching the net. My cycle has been very on time the past year or so and periods are like clockwork- very very heavy lasting about 5-6 days with the most intense cramping throughout entire pelvic & back area. (I have endometriosis, was diagnosed through laparoscopy about 6 years ago) So, I never get a break with this bleeding and cramping. I usually bleed so heavily that I will soak about 3 tampons in an hour. Thats why I feel this last period was quite odd. My last one before this was 1/16. Fairly normal & right on time. This last one started 2/11 in the middle of the day while I was out & just appeared completely unexpected. (well, I expected it to come around that day but I usually know when its coming) I had absolutely no signs whatsoever. I am usually very aware by the cramping at least 2 days ahead of time and my br___ts are usually sore for about a week before, I mean to the point where I get sharp pains in the sides of them & I cant even raise my arms. Thats whats really throwing me off here. My br___ts are not or have not been sore in any way. So, I bled very lightly but it was very bright red & didnt need to use a tampon. I had very very mild cramping. The next day, it was still very bright red but not enough to need a tampon. By the 13th, nearly gone but with a pinkish brown cervical mucous that very much resembled the egg white mucous that you get with ovulation & that was still there today, a little brown but mostly clear. I havent really had any other symptoms except a lot of bloating in my lower abdomen. B--ts are still not sore even from period if it was a real one. So whats the story with this cervical mucous too? Never seen that one before. Im not really ttc since I was told with the endo it would be a very slight chance but my husband & I havent used protection in 6 years & we'd definately be elated if it were true. BTW, all hpts are -ive but im definately betting on it being too soon.


Mary - February 15

Not an expert but implantion bleeding is shorter than an normal period with pink/brown blood or discharge and only lasts for a day or so varies from person to person. Wait a few days and try testing again. Good luck to you


me - February 15

ok, I also noticed yesterday that my cervix is very high. I ts only 4 days since my "period" had started. (it ended the 13th) I read somewhere on here that it should be very low but it is not, it is very high. Not sure if its open or closed. How can you tell? no other symptoms really though. just a little confused.


me again - February 15

so, I checked my cm today & I still have this really strange cm. Its not quite as egg whitey as when I ovulate but I would definitely say thats what the consistency is but today it has more of a pink tinge to it. another -ive hpt again today but I am starting to feel a little strange (more mild cramps, serious tiredness & waves of nausea here & there) I have an appt with the doc next week, do you think it would be too soon for her to tell just by a v____al exam? my appt is just for my yearly. any input would really be greatly appreciated!!


me, once again - February 16

anyone have this cm? I find it very odd between this and the weird"period". any chance id ovulate so soon after my period? I doubt it but thats what the cm is like. I dont know, any info would help!!! thanks


me - February 16

well, I gues noone has any input. thats ok, its nice to use this as a little journal of my symptoms cuz I am starting to feel quite odd. I woke this am with a sore throat, stuffy nose and feel like im seriously getting the flu- I was sweating profusely all day & my body feels quite feverish, sore all over. I think ive heard or read somewhere that this is a symptom of pregnancy as well. anyone???????


me - February 17

hmmm, cm is clear and sticky now. still feel a bit feverish & strange. small crampy twinges here & there & little waves of nausea now & again. no sore b___bs yet. never had a cycle without it, very strange!!!


me - February 17

cervix is also quite high & a bit soft. Im 6 days since the "light period" started. wouldnt the cervix be low right now if it had been a real period? wouldnt it be too soon for it to start rising though if I were pregnant? another -ive HPT. I think im probably seeing things cuz it seems as though there was some sort of line on the last too bubt I think I might just be getting my hopes up. It would truly be a miracle if it were true!!!!


S- - February 17

Do you take you Basal temp? I wish I had something to tell you. When is your dr. appointment?


me - February 17

no..I havent been monitoring temps, I wasnt really expecting this or really trying since In have endo & its been 6 years & nothing but Im just feeling rather odd this month. My appt is on weds...keep your fingers crossed for me. Thanks!!!!


me - February 17

well, I still have this cm & lots of it!! Its clear with lots of milky white mixed in. still a bit egg whitey but thinner than when ovulating. this has been going on since I stopped spotting. cervix is still very high and a bit soft & still feeling like im getting the flu but havent really gotten it. Ive been peeing like every hour as well which I never do. still no sore b___bs. weird. anyone have any input at all??? its welcome!! thanks


Kelly - April 3

So are you pregnant? I'm nursing my 10 month old son and haven't had a period since before I got pregnant. I now have discharge that is tinged with pink and a lot of it. I don't know what it is? I haven't taken any tests or anything but there's a possibility for me that I might be....


To Kelly - April 3

I've had the exact same thing! Although I had a "light" period about a week ago and -ve urine test two days ago I feel pregnant. And I've been having a ton of pink tinged CM and lots of ewcm like ovulation cm. I can't get into my doc. until May! He's on vacation and at confrences all of April. I'm wondering if I can just call in and ask for an ultrasound though?



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