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sian - April 8

Well girls i am officially crazy.The last two of my periods were short and just brown discharge (extremly unusual for me,) so light i didn't fill a pad. Well i tested after the first got bfn so i carried on with my bc. By the time the second came i had been having nausea mornings and evenings, dizzy spells and back pain. I took another test and again bfn. so i decide im imagining things and carry on. It is now two weeks later and i have had excess salia, more nausea, back pain, tiredness. My stomach is feeling harder below my belly button. So iwent to the doctor and he said its nothing. Litreally just said Its nothing. I did research and the internet says bc can cause light periods even if you pg. So i have decided to stop them and see. Month after month of experiment, ill do this and see. Why are docs no help to us. So back to waiting. I really thought he would at least do a test. fingers crossed for next month. Anyway wanted to rant and get it off my chest. thanx. anyone else?


stacey - April 8

Did he give you a blood test? I'd ask again b/c even if not pregnant, I read the other day people with cysts can get pregnancy like symptoms.


sian - April 8

nope he did nothing, Thanx for the info im goin to see another doc.


Audrey - April 8

Sian- Best of luck to you. It would be a good idea to stop the pills because if you are pg they can harm the baby. Go to another doctor and get a blood workup done to get to the bottom of this.


sian - April 8

thanx audrey


kat - April 8

sian i agree docs are useless and a waste of time,sounds to me like you are pregnant,good luck!


stacey - April 8

good, go to another dr. and let us know :) Good luck!


bump - April 9



melanie - April 13

Please help me im having lots of pregnancy symptoms and my belly has got bigger but i am still having a light periohd (the past 3 months). im so confused. i test neg. i really want to know my nurse wont listen to me. i am only 18 and she treats my like im just a imagining things.) i have stopped my pills just incase. i know my body and even my boyfriend has noticed the change. lay in bed the other day he put his hand on my stomach and it was rock hard, he is starting to get really excited but i just cant get checked over. has anyone had a periods al throughtheir pregnancy, any advice appreciated! thanks



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