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dazed and confused - May 3

h__lo all i need somebody to talk to, i had been suspecting i was pregnant at around what i thought would have been 8 weeks pregnant i went to get checked out i had a blood test done which had no pregnancy hormones in my blood, and they also did an ultra sound and saw no baby so i thought there was no way in heck i could be pregnant, well two weeks later i was still feeling pregnant and still had horrible body changes so i schedule another appt. my doc did an ultra sound and sure enough there was a little baby in there, now my question is how could they miss something like that in an ultra sound and why didnt i have any pregnancy hormones in my blood? has this ever happened to anybody?


dazed and confused - May 3



Steff - May 3

Never happened to me. Sometimes doctors screw up. Mayube they didn't do a sensitive enough blood test. And ultrasounds are hard to see at very early stages. Considering they didn't detect any HCG, they probably weren't looking very hard. I wouldn't worry about it now. Your pregnant and that's all that matters. I wish you the best in your nine months and as your life as a MOMMY!!!! :)


to dazed and confused - May 3

I have read on this site about this happening to quite a few people, no one knows why. Like Steff said, you are pregnant and you know it and now they know it now and that is all that matters. Congratulations!


dazed and confused - May 3

thanks girls, i never thought i could be pregnant after all that, just goes to show nobody knows your body like you do!


Kellie - May 3

Did you ask your Dr. why there were no HCG hormones in your blood? Did they do another blood test? Is HCG in your blood now? That is really weird, but like you I have heard of it happening before. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I hope you also have non-existent nausua and non-existent labor pains! (I'm pretty sure that's impossible, but I do wish you the best!) Good luck!


bump - May 4



Rainbow - May 4

The only thing I can think of, (apart from medical incompetence), could your dates have been wrong? How many weeks pregnant do they think you are? I mean, did they say you were about 10 weeks preggo at your last u/s? If the baby is estimated at less than 10 weeks, maybe you conceived later than you thought and therefore the other tests were negative?


Kellie - May 5

Dazed did you ever find out any info? :)


Cutie - May 5




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