Creamy But Stretchy Discharge After Ovulation

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Lee - March 1

What does this mean? I only ovulated 2-3 days ago. I thought I was supposed to be dry after ovulating. It's like EWCM, but creamy colored.


anyone - March 1



S- - March 1

sorry, I only know about it right before ovulating. Are you sure you def. ovulated when you thought?


Lee - March 1

to S- Yes, I used OPK and had the surge line Sat am, so I figured I actually ovulated late Sat night or Sun am.


Theresa - March 1

I have had the same situation with my last two cycles. What does this mean. I thought after ovulation you dry up.


S- - March 1

I checked in my book (Taking Charge of you Fertility and it said after ovulaton dry or sticky. Is your cm stretchy?- does it stretch past 1 inch? That's ovulation cm if it does. I know you said you have used the opk, but I have heard they are not always reliable.


Belle - March 2

It could take hours for cm to travel from the cervix to the vulvu. Ovulation can also be postponed, delayed or missed due to certain factors. Examine your cervix - this is the best guide - check websites. I do not know about this, but hear me out, my gynie said that OPK can still show the surge line in the morning even if you ovulated - lets say - last night, and I always used OPK, then one month my surge line never appeared (I test in the morning ) and I tested from early on right through, then I took a progesterone blood test which showed I did ovulate. The OPK are expensive in S.A. and cost R250.00 = 1625.00 US dollars for 5 sticks, I used ten, so I now use the cervix cm / positioning method. Good Luck.


Lee - March 2

Belle - Wow that is expensive.... they are cheap here - around $5.00 US for 10 sticks. I am pretty positive I ovulated on Sat pm / Sunday am. I test everyday and I had a surge line Saturday morning, then took another test Sunday night - it showed the surge line still there and then took another Sunday morning and the line was gone. Plus, I felt the ovulation pains all day Saturday. I am really hoping that this excess of CM may mean that I am pregnant, even though I am only 3-4 DPO.


Lee - March 2

Now its sticky and thick - not stretchy at all - what is this?????


S- - March 2

well, if it's sticky, then it is after your ovulation. could be sticky or dry the book said.


stephy - March 2

well i had the sam question and realize i still had white discharge after i ovulated like the few days before i ovulated the stuff looks the same.. about 5 days before my actual period that's when I was more but when i slid my figner wayyy up i can still find the white stuff.. bbut about 2 days before my period there was no white discharge even if i slid my finger way up.. and about 5 days beofre my period.. i feel mostly wet.. like im sweating down just when you kind feel yourself down there.. (i don't mena put your finger in tho) and yeah.. i thought it was kinda like.. when ur sweating ur armpits.. hope this help =/ lol


Belle - March 3

Dear Lee - I am so sorry, my currencies are mixed - its actually equivalent to $38.00, but $38.00 in US is different to the value of R250.00 in SA - let me put it this way, with R250.00 you can buy a great pair of pants at Foschini. Back to you - it is a fact that cm increases if you are pregnant, if you can, wait until you have missed AF to test, I know it must be so stressing to wait - ttc is really a waiting game is'nt it? women that want to test very early after conception will take a blood test. But from what I have heard it takes time for the results? here its 30-45 minutes if you go directly to a lab.


Lee - March 3

I have awhile to wait - I should have AF around the 10-12th. I am still have a thick creamy discharge - feeling wet all day long. YUCK! And, I have little twinges in my right side, but other than that - no symptoms. I also have kindof LOST my appet_te???? Who knows.


Lee - March 6

Today is about 7 DPO and still having discharge. Still stretchy??? Anyone have any more ideas?


K9 - March 7

I have had the same kind of discharge as you are having. It never disappeared after my ovulation date. I have been having small twinges on both sides of my bikini line, as well. What does this mean? I am due my peroid on the 12th.


jb - March 7

dont go by your cm im telling you from experience,,,i also had it after o right up until AF started is not a sign ..


Lee - March 7

K9 - I dont really know what this means. I am usually dry before AF. I am hoping this is my body keeping itself clean and ready for a baby! :) But, I am only 8DPO, so I am guessing it is too early to test. I should be due around the 11 or 112th too! Good luck to you and keep me posted!



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