Cud I Be Preg

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diana - January 2

okies if u came on for your period on the day u was supposed 2 be it wasnt even 4 a day more likes a hour and iv had major cramp etc dizzyness and clear p___s no yellow in it at all any advice wud be greatful


KAT - January 2

yes you could be,do a hpt.does anyone else know if you actually have clear urine when preg?coz if so thats another sign i have to add to my list!!


diana - January 2

thanks 4 ur reply likes as iv had this b4 when i came on 3 months a time but all 3 of em late then they went bk 2 normal and now its only gone hay wire again and i had no protection s_x about 3 weeks ago but havent u gotta come on 2 start it likes anyone else answers?


mich - January 2

Speak english then i might be able to answer you.


diana - January 2

oops sorry mich wud u say one day of pmt and not more was a big sign or not?


Nichole - January 2

You could have had an implantation bleed, but from what you've said your periods are irregular. I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that your pregnant if you've missed your periods before. Take a test -- then you might have some peace of mind. Just a suggestion. I've heard urine darkens when pregnant, not goes clear, unless you are drinking more water. Dizziness is a sign of pregnancy, but it could also just be your hormones fluxing and waning since it sounds like your cylce is a bit up and down. Get checked by your doctor. Good luck!


diana - January 2

i have been up and down but they had gone bk 2 normal and now they been messed up again and i was really quiet and co 2 day which isnt me and iv been feelin the temperature easyly than normal 2 day and i have been a bit light headed 2 day and forgettin wat iv been doing likes so im likes argh at min


Mich - January 3

No you're not pregnant, im afraid you are suffering from early stges of alziemers disease!


jb. - January 3

i agree with mich., diana if you have nothing better to do then act ignorant then maybe you should take time and learn how to type in english or find a teen chat . quit being ignorant!!!!



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