Curious And Can T Stop Thinking About It

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Nikole - June 5

My husband and I are trying to have a baby :) So we have been having s_x about every other day this month. I was on the pill for about 8 years. I got off of it in December and since than I have had a 38 day cycle, 36, 14 (we were in Hawaii for our honeymoon, right after our wedding-stressful yet beautiful time :) and than 35. I know, SO off and irregular! Well, this month, today is day 38 and no sign of AF (although I don't normally get many signs anyways)! I experienced mid-cycle spotting for only 1 day, which I'm thinking may have been ovulation. Than ever since May 27th whenever my husband and I have had s_x I have had pinkish-tannish discharge, which is obviously not my period. I have not tested yet because I have convinced myself every month (except for the month where I had a 14 day cycle) that I was pregnant, we've tested and it has been negative. I don't want to get dissapointed again. But, we are going to a wedding on Saturday and kind of want to know because I know I will be having some drinks if I'm not pregnant. I don't have any symptoms, only fatigue and headaches. I think we will test tommorrow. I guess my question is, has anyone else been in this same situation?


belle114 - June 5

hey nikole - it sounds to me like your mid cycle spotting could have been implantation bleeding. especially by the time it happened and the color. when i got my bfp last month (i have miscarried since then) i had extreme fatigue and headaches also. some people's hcg doesnt rise as fast and that might be a reason why you are testing and getting neg. try the dollar tree store if you have one by you and get a few tests to try every other day. good luck and keep me posted will ya?!


Nikole - June 5

Hi belle114, thank you for the quick response! I'm sorry about your m/c, it must have devistated you. I actually haven't tested yet this month, was just kind of waiting to see if I got any symptoms,you know, like nausea or sore bbs, but nothing. But than again, not everyone gets symptoms, at least not in the beginning. And I've been reading a lot about the spotting after my hubby and I have s_x, and it says that it's normal during early pregnancy as long as it's not red. I guess your cervix is engorged with blood and the poking irritates it or something. I will def keep you posted, especially if I get a BFP soon :)


Wish10 - June 5

Hi Nikole. The mid-cycle bleeding sounds like ovulation possibly & the discharge you are seeing sounds like possible implantation. I,too, am on cd38, I was due Sat. 5/31 (avg 32 day cycle) & I broke down & tested last night- bfn sadly. I told myself I will not test & did The suspense was killing me! Anyway, I agree with belle114, if you can get to a $1 store that's the cheapest way & you should still get accurate results. I'm kind of glad there isn't a $1 near me anymore that sells them..LOL. I've been good on not testing..til now. I think wine is ok, but hard liquor..I wouldn't recommend it but me,personally, would slide a cup in..ONLY 1!! LOL.



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