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Christina - March 30

I went to the doctor today for my yearly and took a urine test. Well the urine test came out negative and not only that but my doctor also told me that I have a very good chance of having Polycystic Ovary Syndrom and that it seems to be a precurser to having Diabeties II. She has also told me that my 6 week cycle is very abnormal even though I have been having it my whole cycling life. I wonder why no other gynocologist has ever said that before? Anyway it has been a tough pill to swallow. On the bright side she did take a blood test to day and said that all of the symptons I have been having I could verywell be preggo. The tough part about this is that no one else in my family wants me to have any children right now, and even though I am 24 years old they all tell me that I am too youngand want me and my husband to wait until I am 30. I really want to be preggo! I never thought that I would want to be until it has been taken away. Well sorry so long I guess I needed to vent.


D - March 30

I hope things go well for you. I'm sure your family means well, but it really is up to you and your husband when you have children!


Alexis - March 30

Christina, It really is up to you when you want to have children. After all you will be the one caring for them and supporting them not your family. Everyone will be adjust and be happy later. The one thing that truly matters is your happiness and your husbands . Good Luck and Best Wishes!


mulgajill - March 30

your doctor sounded a bit sadistic... you could have this, this or that but by the way you could be pregnant too... make you feel like c___p then give you a little line of hope.... 24 is not too young to have kids if you want them, there is no 'right age' .... it is really up to you NOT your family. If you are worried about long cycles, polycystic ovaries, diabetes... gawd, i think your dr was having a REALLY negative day (pmt maybe?) ... do a search on google with natural remedies/long cycles/conception tips etc as keywords .... and find stuff/imformation which can help you keep your body rolling along nicely if you are at all worried.... Good luck.. :-)


jessica - March 30

Im sorry that you are going thruogh all of this. it should be up to you and your husband when it comes to adding an adition to your family. In some women it becomes harder to get pregnant with age. i fit turns out that you may have cysts or other comlpications, this baby may be a blessing, cause some women with cyts and other problems have trouble conceiving. Good luck !


jena - March 30

I think you need a second opinion FOR SURE!! You can't have a doc tell you all these things... besides, if it was just a yearly and she came to all these conclusions - don't you think it should be monitored for a while? As for age, I'm 23 and TTC. My mom doesn't know and may freak, but if I do get preggo soon, I'll be 24 when I have it, and I think this is the PERFECT age to start - I got married at 22 and my mom flipped - but now she is SO happy for me - sometimes parents just don't like change and once they see how positive it is in your life, they too will be happy. Good luck to you and again, I think you may need a second opinion!


sarae - March 30

Jena is so correct. Im 22, my husband is 24 and we are married. Im 5 months pregnant. His parents and my parenst freaked at first, but now my mom can't stop bragging to her co workers about her arriving grandchild. And his mom is so proud on how happy we truly are. you should try getting a new doctor, she sounds very interpersonal when it comes to caring for patients.


bump - March 30



christina - March 31




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