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hope-31 - April 1

if anyone has insight to why after all my years of a normal 28 day cycle they are now all of a sudden 19-20 days? i am about to ovulate based on my ewcm and i am cd 9. this will be my 3rd early cycle. i dont buy the reason of stress because i really am not nearly as stressed as i have been and that never mattered before. any advice from people in the medical field would help. i have to make an appnt with my doctor to see where we go from here. dh has an appnt next week for s/a,he had to cancel his earlier one. i just wish i could get a solid reason as to why this is happening but at least i get to try sooner each month.


annmarie - April 1

I'm with you hope! I have had the same problem. It turns out that the doctor thinks I haven't actually ovulated correctly these last couple months. I have gotten pos OPK's and had the symptoms as well as a clear thermal shift. However, my u/s last month showed cysts left over from the previous cycle. So he thinks the egg just hasn't been getting completely released. I go for another u/s at the beginning of my next cycle and if the cysts are still there I have to go on bcp till they go away which is hopefully only a month. Ugh!! I don't know if that helps you or not. Good luck!


BeckyBunny - April 1

Hey! I O'ed early (for me anyways, CD11) the cycle before I got PG and the cycle I got PG. I took soy the cycle before, but not the cycle of, but apparently it triggered something. And at todays NT scan (I'm 12w3d) the baby is just fine, so I actually had a good egg for once! So you might be just fine. =) I wish I could help you more, but let us know what the doctor says, and good luck!


krissy2006 - April 1

Hope-31, first of all cm alone cannot predict ovulation. The only true confirmation of the day you ovulate is by doing basal body temping as ewcm is caused by estrogen in the body which can fluctuate up to, on the day of and even for a few days after ovulation. Hence why people have several days of fertile CM. Also, stress would not be the reason you would ovulate early. Stress is only a__sociated with a change in cycles when it delays ovulation or stops it all together. It is very possible that in any given cycle your hormones decide to change up a bit whether it be because of food you are eating, exercise you are doing, medications you are taking or just the fact that it is a new cycle and our pituitary gland is a finicky character. With a cycle as short as 19-20 days with ovulation suspected at cd9 I would suggest you may want to see your gyn. The reason being that if at the LATEST, you ovulate on cd9 your lutheal phase is only going to be 10-11 days which in general is on the short side and could be bordering on lutheal phase defect which could potentially cause issues getting PG. It would definitely cause issues if your lutheal phase is any less than 10 days which it would be if for some reason you ovulate later than cd9-10. GL to you and I truly hope your doctor can help you find the answer to your conundrum of cycles. :)


krissy2006 - April 1

One more thing that could be causing your cycles to be short is a progesterone deficiency in your lutheal phase. After you ovulate estrogen wanes back and progesterone dominates. If for some reason you are not producing enough progesterone post ovulation estrogen will take over and make your body decide its time to stop trying to be pregnant and get on with the next cycle. Just FYI.. :)


hope-31 - April 1

thanks for the info,i suppose i could have a deficiency of progesterone or something however i was getting af 28 days and the opk was showing a surge at about day 14 or 15. i dont go by cm alone its in how i feel when i know i ovulate. the bbt is just not for me at this time. i understand the lutheal defect thing but how is that found? i have already had tons of lab work ,hsg,u/s etc. and they said all is normal and just now decides to get out of wack. i brought up stress only as a reason my cycles could be out of wack but that cant be the case since i am always stressed and was when it was "normal".


krissy2006 - April 2

To rule out lutheal phase defect they need to take your blood and measure your levels of progesterone intermitently throughout your luteal phase which would require knowing EXACTLY when you ovulate which would probably include more ultrasounds/sonograms etc.



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