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G - January 28

Hi Everyone! I started charting my cycles this month, this is our fifth month ttc. Im currentlyon day 13 of my cycle. My BBT's have varied throught out the month so far, for instance: from day 3 was 97.6; days 4-6 were all 97.2; days 7-9 were all 97.7; day 10 was 97.6; days 11-12 were both 97.2; and finally today Im back to 97.6! Are these normal shifts in temperature before ovulation occurs, will I be able to see a more significant temp change after I ovulate. I didnt ovulate yet, b/c there has not been any egg white mucous yet!!! I guess im asking if these temps shifts are normal!!!!! Thanks in advance.


jacki - January 28

you wont start seeing a temp shift until after ovulation. then its too late.


jb - January 28

hope your still doing what you should be doing... its good to have sperm in there before,,during and after ovulation.just to be safe


Grandpa Viv - January 28

Minor temperature shifts such as you describe are normal. When the temp takes a jump there should be no mistaking it, but jacki is right, by the time you are sure the base temp has changed you will have missed the best day. It will probably take you a few cycles to get the feel of how it all ties together, temperature, mucus and cervical position. Good luck!


Re: G - January 28

Is your cycle 28 days? Everybody's right Basal is good in determing if you have ovulated it doesn't pin point when you ovulated. You should does BBT in conjuction with some ovulation kits. I would count half way through your cycle, back up 5 days and then have s_x every other day until you know you've ovulated. Use BBT as a tool, don't forget the most import part...Have s_x!!! Good luck and Baby Dust to you!


G - January 28

Thanks for the all the info. My cycles vary (shortest since Ive been off BCP was 27 days longest was 46 days) i have been off BCP for about 5/6 months.



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