Cyst And Pregnancy

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piya - November 13

hiii girls ..its really comfort to speak with u all.i dont kno wats happening with me. i got married in jan this periods were regular for 3 months then from april all upside down it never stopped, lotsa tests done finally they told i have a cyst and i was on pill for a month then again did ultasound cyst was gone thank God.then periods was normal but now its late for about 20 days i did blood test it was negative..dont know wats happening with me please some one help mee.. wish u all the best


cindy - November 14

I'm not a doctor but my mother had these problems before. she would be late then think she was preg. but she took a test it came out positve but when ultasound was done it was just a cyst. So either way a cyst can affect your life routine. But dont let the cyst or anyone keep your hopes down.just keep taking test all types to make certain. I am only 26 with 3 hansom boys.


piya - November 14

thanks cindy....


cindy - November 15

I hope you know whats wrong.


piya - November 16

hii cindy i went to doc yester she did sonogram thank god no cyst,did a blood test that too negative she couldnt figure out wats wrong, asked to check hormones and gave tabs,has an appointment after 10 days, pray 4 me, i am 24 married this year i really want a child hope god hears my tears. bye take care


Cindy - November 17

Good Luck Piya At least cyst was ruled out as a problem good luck keep in touch.


tammi - November 17

i know after i stopped taking the pill it took a while for my periods to be regular again . But finally i got my period but it was late .


piya - November 21

ok tammi, i think i will get my periods soon doc gave provera tablets....expecting periods within 3 days or soo.. doo keep in touch.. how r u cindy....


cindy - November 21

I am fine I hope you are.


piya - November 30

hii i am back, periods came atlast after 2 months.... doc doubts hormonal proms have to test soon thx bye take care


piya - December 14

hiii did all hormonal tests everything is fine, did sonogram that too fine... doc told to keep trying, gave folic acid.. keeping fingers crossed, how u feel cindy...



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