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Sad - April 26

I am so sad. I went to the fertility dr. today and he told me I have three 2inch cysts on my ovaries, the opening of my cervix is tiny and that I have major scar tissue that might need to be surgically removed. Also I had a yeast infection. I am so upset because we have been trying to get pregnant foerever and I now have to get on birth control to make the cysts go away. I think it was the clomid that made me have cysts. Has anyone had stuff like this and got pregnant later. I am just so bummed right now.


Jamie - April 27

I am sorry.... I have heard of clomid having side effects on the menstrual cycle, after you go off clomid. I don't know of any other problems. What were the symptoms of your cysts? Did you have a lot of pain? Or just a dull ache? Think positive....


Estee P - April 27

Hi "Sad"! Don't be! All of your problems can be fixed! At least now you know what you're battling with, so you can address each problem with a fix. The cysts may just disappear on their own after a month or two. Mine did. As for your cervix opening, you could always try IUI (artificial insemination) where they inject the sperm directly into your uterus (therefore bypa__sing your cervix problem). Once the scar tissue has been removed you will be fine, then your chances of conceiving will be twice as good! As for the yeast infection, what a bummer!! I also had a very nasty one about 6 years ago, and it turned out that normal soap is too strong for me to wash my private parts with, I've switched to using plain, perfume-/allergy-free soap, and never had a single infection ever again! However, listen up, I have a tip for you: Your doc will treat this infection with pills and creams. All of this will take away the infection, but it won't restore your Ph balance in the v____a. In order to fix that balance, you have to take live bio cultures. That's the bacteria that lives in your v____al and rectal areas, which keeps your intestinal functioning healthy. So you have to take a load of these. They are available in health shops. Ask for "the bacteria that restores the intestinal flora". You normally find this stuff in the fridges of the shops, and it will be called "whatever" - flora. If you can't find it, just buy yoghurt, but the kind that clearly says on the tub that it contains LIVE BIO CULTURES. Those are live bactieria, and that's what you're after. As for the birth control, just chat to your doc, or get a second opinion. I'm sure there are alternatives that you could take that would fix your cyst problem but not prevent pregnancy? Read up about this and get talking to people, don't think your doc knows everything! They're just human. Also, don't go on clomid again, maybe try different stuff this time? There's so many treatments, pills, injections, etc. available out there, find the stuff that works for YOU. Best of luck, I do know how bad you must be feeling right now, I'm also battling with getting pregnant, and it isn't an easy ride! Cheer up .... and NEVER give up!



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