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kate - May 14

this is a dumb question-but i am not an expert. can you have a cyst and still get pregnant. does having a cyst hinder a woman from getting pregnant. thank you


Alison - May 14

My doctor discovered a cyst on my ovary when I had just finished my period. I conceived that next cycle and am now 6 weeks pregnant. The cyst is hardly noticable anymore so I'm not sure if it might be gone. I haven't been scanned as yet. xxx


louise - May 14

cysts come and go on ovaries, they are hormonal and most of the time dont affect our reproductive system, however they should be checkd up on if they seem to start causing problems


sheena - May 17

My doctor said i have lots of cysts on my ovaries.He said it would help me if i get preg.I want a baby so bad i am 20 i know this is off the subject but,what do u think is that to young if you are married and ready?


Mrs. M - May 17

If you are married you are well within your rights to have a baby. I had my first at 19. I am not 34 and hoping I am pregnant now. Best wishes to you...go for it!


KIM - May 18



bump - May 18



Alison - May 18

Kim I think they can depending on the size and type of cyst and how many you have. A small hormonal cyst shouldn't affect things too much if I remember correctly but some slightly bigger cysts can. They would need to check the kind of cyst you had before they could say how much it would affect things I think. Hope that helps I'm afraid that's all I know! Some women form cysts during pregnancy too which are usually harmless and go in time. xxx


Lisa - May 22

i'm 21 wks pregnant had a small cyst a 10 wks but it is now over normal size its my third child and have to be monitered weekly it may have to be removed i am v.scared but have been advised it will be no problem to me or baby its just that it is now restricting movement of baby.


kate - May 22

i also suffer from those occasiononal cysts---that get bigger and smaller with menstruation. my DH AND I are TTC. HOPEFULLY THEY WONT GET IN THE WAY TO CONCEIVE---


kathryn - June 7

no, you can still get pregnant even with a cyst.


Amanda - June 13

I am now 15 weeks pregnant and at my 10 week ultrasound the doctor found a cyst on my left ovary. She said that it would go away after awhile, I have not been back yet to see what it is up to but I am starting to get a slight pain every once in a while on the left side of my abdomen, I don't know if it is the cyst or maybe just something stretching????? I go back to the doctor on July 1st



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