Dark Brown CM No AF Anyone Else

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carebear1 - January 18

LMP was Dec. 13, and I normally have 35 day cycles... which would make me expect AF this past Monday. INSTEAD... last Thursday the 12th I got a clump of brown cm in my panties. I figured that was IB and was psyched! But on Saturday, I wiped after peeing and got clear cm with streaks of pinkish-red. Sunday, the brown cm came back just as a few spots, and now the last couple days the brown cm is just streaking a pantyliner. I know its not heavy like a period, since I can wear the same pantyliner all day and it just looks like someone smeared Hershey's syrup (SORRY... its gross!). SOOOO ---- what does everyone think? Is this many days too long for IB? Oh, and my other symptoms: I'm EXHAUSTED. I'm very gassy. Heart flutters. Bloated, constipated. Queasy on and off. I have a "sore" feeling in my lower abdomen. Can anyone relate or offer their thoughts?


carebear1 - January 18

And before anyone asks if I've tested yet... YES I tested on Monday but it wasn't FMU, so I figured that would explain the negative. ~~~~~ Also if anyone HAS had IB in the past... how long did it last and how long till you got a BFP? Thanks Girls and ~*~Baby Dust ~*~ to all!


Saird - January 18

It sounds like I am just like you. I had last AF on Dec. 4, heavy like usual, then nothing until Jan.13, which has been pinkish and brown, and just like you said about the pantiliner. At first I thought it was AF coming, so thought nothing of it, but by the 3rd day of just sorta spotting, I am rethinking. I took a test on CD38 and it was neg. NOw it's a week later. Maybe I should test again?


carebear1 - January 18

yes you should definitely test again! I intend on testing tomorrow AM which will be CD 38 for me... making me only a couple days late. Let me know your results!!


teeniemoon - January 19

I had spotting with 3 of my 4 pgs. 3 girls and a m/c. With my first girl, I spotted (just like you have described) when I was 6 weeks. That's two weeks after af was due and have been told that it wasn't IB, but no one could explain what it WAS. Anyway, the other two, I think, was IB, and I got BFPs a few days later. Also, I have a friend who is now 15 weeks pg, who spotted for 4 weeks. Her pregnancy is going very well and they never could explain the bleeding. So, I think almost anything can happen. Wait till you are a week late, then test. If it's neg, wait another week for af and then call your dr to see if anything is amiss. Hope this helps a little...


Saird - January 19

Carebear, did you test?


Meg - January 19

I am having the exact same symptoms and did last month too...did end up getting full AF last month after three days of brown schmear....and i tested this morning and bfn...so i think it is just the way my body gets into AF these days...sure is a change from before for me though...good luck!


carebear1 - January 19

Hi Ladies! Yes I tested this morning FMU... and of course BFN. But right after I tested, I was SO nauseous. What is up with that?? Teenie I appreciate your experience so much... that let's me know that maybe it isn't all in my head. Meg, I had 1 day of brown cm before full b__wn AF. But this month is different. Like I said, it has no been 1 full week of brown (it started last Thursday). NO red whatsoever. Everything I have read on the internet either says IB or old blood. So... I don't know whats going on with my body but everytime I rule out pg something makes me think twice. Teenie you really think I should test next week? How long does it normally take to get a positive?? Ok well lots of baby dust to you all.


carebear1 - January 19

Saird did you test??? You are further along in your CDs than me!


Saird - January 19

No I haven't tested again. I keep telling myself I'm being stupid and I'd waste money on another test. But d__n did I have a headache and feel sick all morning! And I can't seem to keep thinking about how light this flow was compared to usual- just all brown and pink- and way shorter. Maybe I'm just obsessed now....


carebear1 - January 19

Well what Teenie said just supports my gut feeling... this is in NO way AF. There's no "shedding of the uterine wall"! This is random streaks of OLD blood. Goopy old blood. It's gross but it's gotta mean something. My b___bs are swollen and only a little bit sore. I'm still SO tired, taking naps every day when I get home from work. AND still no AF. I'm going to wait another 4 or 5 days and retest. Even though I don't want to spend lots of $$$ on HPTs, I would rather know sooner rather than later so that I can get the best pre-natal care. Saird I wish you would test!! They always say wait till you're a week late, and YOU ARE!


Saird - January 20

Yes, I suppose you are right. I should probably test anyway. Just to be sure. Good luck to you!


carebear1 - January 20

Wow do my b___bs hurt today! I was off work and slept in, but I keep getting waves of nausea. Not major, where I'm gonna puke, but definitely queasiness. The brown cm has just about disappeared. How is everyone else's symptoms?


carebear1 - January 21



teeniemoon - January 21

Hey carebear1, did you test again? I worry that if it is still a bfn, that you might want to call a dr. I've had "weird" spotting when no pg too. I had something call PID where the ovary gets inflamed and swollen without any known infection. I had some spotting with that which could be worrysome. Do you have any cramping or pain anywhere? I've heard that it can take several days after spotting to have a "+" so maybe it's just taking its time implanting. I don't really know, just trying to think of possible reasons... Hope I'm helping.. Sticky baby dust to you :)


hopeful7 - January 21

I went off of the pill Dec. 3 and had a normal period. Then on Jan.6 (32 days later, and I am never 32 days), I had a day and a half of brownish discharge and nothing else. I got a UTI after that. My blood calcium levels were low as well. I tested twice and it came back negative, but then my mom tells me and my grandma that it never showed in her urine. I guess I am going to get a blood test today. It's all very strange. All the signs are there, but I still don't think I am. I don't want to get my hopes up. Anyone else with those same symptoms that conceived? We didn't really do it around my ovulation date, but when we did do it we went at it numerous times for a few days in a row. I guess you can ovulate at any time.


hopeful7 - January 21

Saird, I feel your obsession. I keep thinking it's all in my head, but I can't make up stuff like the low blood calcium levels, the UTI, the pos. Strep B or my mom and grandma telling me nothing showed in their urine. Also I can't ignore the 1 1/2 "period" with the brown discharge. My periods are always heavy and last for four days. I have only been on the pill for about 9 months.



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