Day 38 No Period Negative Tests

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shelly22 - October 23

I'm on day 38 of my cycle and i'm getting very impatient!! I tested yesterday w/ a bfn, has this happened w/anyone else? Has this happened to anyone and they found out they were preggers? I've taken about 6 first response tests over the last week and 1/2 and all negative :(


kendra.marie - October 23

yes; this happened to me. with my first we did homes; office tests, bloods all negative i was 12 weeks pregnant before i got a urine test positive. no other signs either!


waitn838 - October 23

im 2 days past and still getting negatives...also used first response...but i got a lot of the other symptoms...either that or something is seriously wrong with me :( Good Luck!!!!!


nola-gal - October 23

i'm in the same boat as you. had lots of s_x, and today is day 46 or my cycle. i usually go for 30-25 days. i've been reading a lot and some good solid medical journals have published articles that say home hpt's can be 25% wrong. lots of things can make the pee unreadable, like drinking too much water and the rate of your hormone levels rising. i went today and got a blood test. will hopefully hear tomorrow. at this point, i hope i am pregnant...i wasn't trying, but i don't want something to be wrong with me!!!


nola-gal - October 23

sorry...that's 30-35 days for my cycle!


shelly22 - October 23

well nola-gal, keep me posted. I'm gonna take another test in the morning and then call the doc, i'm still keeping my fingers crossed and would like to hear from anyone else if this happened to them???


nola-gal - October 24

Waiting for my blood test results. Woke up yesterday and today feeling queasy, but as soon as I ate I felt better. And I haven't been sleeping normally. Back hurts, too. On Yahoo Answers, I asked if anyone had ever gotten negative hpt's and a positive blood, and about 5 women responded yes. so weird!!! and on the first trimester topic area, one woman told me she was four weeks late and only then got a positive blood test...never a positive urine...and she is 29 weeks now. let us know your results!!! good luck!!!


Seredetia - October 24

I'm kinda in the same dilema...can I join you gals? I have an 8 month old and I was b___stfeeding her. Throughout my postpartum timeframe, I've been having either no period or slight bleeds with months inbetween some of them. As soon as I stopped b___stfeeding (she was 6 months old), I got a true period within 1-2 weeks. The next month (last month) I had 3 periods. This month I've had none and people have been making comments to me about being pregnant. I got real emotional one day for no real reason and my husband yelled at me, What are you, pregnant?? That's exactly how we found out last I took a few tests within that week and nothing. I'm just trying to figure out if it's a cyclic thing or if I'm really pregnant. I've been *feeling* pregnant, but we all know how that goes. lol. I even got really really naseaus like morning sickness a week or so ago and it comes and goes. I don't even know what day of my "cycle" I'm on, as I haven't had a proper one, and I know some people do not have a period up to a year or so after giving birth. Maybe I can talk it out with everyone here and make myself and maybe some others feel better. :)


Seredetia - October 24

Oh, and I forgot to say that my friend's boyfriend told me that I was pregnant...he knows NOTHING of the way I've been feeling lately, and I certainly haven't been discussing my cycle with him. LOL.


shelly22 - October 24

sure, of course you can join in!! well, i talked to the nurse today and i think if i don't start by friday i'm gonna go in and take a blood test. today is day 40, so it'll be 42 by then, i'm just hoping there is a small chance that i am, i wish i would just know either way!! any word yet nola gal??


shelly22 - October 24

seredetia, i've had the same thing happen, everyone keeps telling me i'm pregnant! I'm trying not to get my hopes up, just in case


Seredetia - October 25

Well, girls, turns out that if I were pregnant, I'm not any longer. I had my period today in the form of a large clot (about 4in by 1in long)...not sure what that means, but it was gross. Sorry TMI. LOL. Good luck to all you gals!!!


Tiggy - October 28

Hi Ladies! My I join you. I haven't been on the forum for a few weeks but I was complaining that I was very late 2-3 weeks and BFN's. I had a blood test but no news and I haven't taken another HPT thinking the blood test is negative if they haven't called yet. Well I am still late. (period was due Sept 24,) so over a month late now, and now the PG symptoms are picking up. I have queasiness (sp!) off and on, am getting VERY tired, b___sts are not too sore pains here and there (they kill before my period is due) I've noticed more goosebumps around my areolas, veins, and cramps and lots of discharge. I am testing again tomarrow at the Dr's and am going to talk to them seriously about what the heck is going on!!


shelly22 - October 29

well today is day 45 and i'm breaking down and going to take a blood test, i can't take it anymore!! Anyone else get there results back yet???


{504}confused{504} - October 29

I am in the same boat but of course my periods are irregular so the last time i had a period was sept.10. I have takin to health pride test and a corner store test and they were all negavtive but my b___st have been sore for the past 3wks and usually when that happens my period comes but no sign of it and my stomach has been giving me nuthing but problems. 2 of my friends are pregnant and they swear i am because they say everything happens in threesI just got over a yeast infection but i read somewhere that wont stop your period from coming. I went to the doc. friday for other reasons, i had a pap smear and they drew blood but no one told me anything else. so i have to go back on the 9th for my results of my pap smear i may ask them for a test or i'll just wait it out b


Seraphina - October 30

It has happened to me. Wth my son. The Home pregnancy test showed negative even though I was two weeks late, but the blood test came back positive. Looks like it has happened again. I am two weeks late (day 39) and First Response, EPT and Answer say not, but I am not convinced ... as I am having other subtle symptoms and have been here before.


alape052105 - October 30

I am there too. I am on day 42 all negative HPT's and got fed up went to the docs office and got a blood test done, and sadly it came back negative also, but I am still holding out hope. I have symptoms, but feel I could be imagining them only becaue I dont want to get my hopes up.



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