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need answer! - October 27

has anyone pregnant ever had death dreams b4 they found out they were preggers? Meaning, had a relative die or talk to a dead relative????


gemma - October 27

hi my auntie had her sister come to her saying that there will be a little girl coming into the family. about 2 weeks later i found out i was pregnant and from day one she said that it would be a girl when i had my scan i found out that i was having a girl. also my mother in law is a psychic (i think i have spelt that right) and she says that when i fall i will be having a boy so i will have to wait and see if she is right i hope that this is ok for you


kikio - October 27

i think that is soo true because i dream of death alot now, and i have alot of weird graphic dreams, and it is a high chance im pregnant. i go to the doctors on monday.


? - October 27

I know this sounds so crazy, but I did that with all three of my sister's children. I had dreams someone would die in my family and then about a month or two later, I would find out my sister was pregnant! Don't mean to scare anyone because my dreams could have just happened at the same time this occurred, but one time, I had a dream someone was born, and someone I knew died. I know that is so crazy and probably unbelievable.


need answer - October 27

thanks guys, kikio, please let me know what happens, i've had three dreams this month with death as the subject, also is it possible to get preggers days before ur period???


? - October 27

It is possible to get pregnant anytime of the month, but you are most likely to get pregnant when you are ovulating.


Charlie - October 27

Well it could be......when my sister was 8 weeks pregnant she had a dream that she stabbed me to death! Needless to say I don't turn my back on her anymore just in! She told me over the phone and she was so upset and said that she had been crying about it!


J. - October 29

Okey, who knows about this stuff for sure?? I'm 3 days late now. I still have not tested though. And last night I dreamt I killed someone. This is strange. What do you guys think?


Jill - November 18

Hi I stumbled on this site while trying to find out why I dreamt that my father died. I woke up this morning, crying. ( my dad is alive). My period has been late a couple days, yet I keep feeling like Im going to get it....sore b___sts, very light cramps, head ache. I found a site that says alot of women feel like they are getting their period, but it doesnt come. plus Ive been feeling sick every night and through out the day.


lyndsy - November 18

ok, I know this sounds strange, but with both of my pregnancies, I had death dreams a day or two before I got a +. The one was my cousin had died and I was at the funeral. It was so real and I woke in tears and very upset! With dd#2, the dream was about a coworker and I was at her funeral looking at her inside of her casket. It was so real too and very upsetting. Again, I tested pos a day or two later. Well, I just found out that I am preg again and 4 days before I found out, I dreamnt I was walking down a street and there were caskets in the front of houses. Somebody had just died and they were getting ready to bury them in the front yard. Crazy huh, I'm sure it is not related, but very seldom do I dream like that. Just thought I'd share my story. Good luck to you all!!!


!!! - November 18

o.k I know this completly off the subject but I just dreamed last night that I let my dh have s_x with someone and I watched him do it, I was sooo mad at him this morning!!


J. - November 18

I recently had a dream about my dead grandmother. In my dream, she was sooooo alive and we were talking and she kept rubbing my arms and stuff. Been ttc for the last 3/4 months. I'm hoping this is my bfp month, but so far, no signs. I sure hope this dream thing is somewhat true.....*baby dust*


MrsFutureBabyBrown - August 14

Like I'm soo totally feeling you on the dream thing, see I believe I'm pregnant and I do have other children that are older now, This Past Sat night, I dreamed that my brother died, I've never encountered such a dream and I have Visions from God though this dream seemed very much like a Dream and not A Vision, I've always known and heard that When You Dream Of Death, it's usually the Opposite that's about to take place and/or u or someone close to you is pregnant and that would only be Me,Me And Me, My Husband and my 2 boys lol. I go to the dr's to confirm pregnancy hopefully on Mon 8/21/17 Wish Me Blessings Ya'll....Oh and thanks for your post,For it gave me pure Clarity in Jesus Christ Name Amen....Mrs.Brown



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