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gcmickens - January 12

HI You guys! I just saw your BFP post Deb - WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW! I am soooooooooooooooo happy for you!!!! You and I WERE on the same post back in August - DH and I had some marital problems but are back on track ttc now! It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice of you to be worried about me! Meg and Heather, when are you due? Probably around June????? WOW!!! Briefly, dh and I just started ttc again last month, but with no success probably due to the fact that my cycle is only 26 days and we bd-ed too late (after day 14) when in fact I could be "o"ing as early as day 9 or 10 - you must be saying: "When will she start using opk's!!!!) ... I know, I know.... this month we bd-ed on cd's 8 and 11, with today being cd 12, so I feel alot better about our chances this month if we bd today and for 2 or 3 more days to cover the gammut! If we don't conceive tthis month I will DEFINITELY use the opk's in Feb. Any of you with 26-day cycles also? Grandpa Viv told me to bd every day from cd 8 until cd 18~!!!! Yeah right LOL!!!!! SO hopefull y with cd8, 11, 12 and 13 we'll be preggos like all of you this month - PLEASE stay with me (we SHOULD start our own thread because we're the OLD TIMERS, and have stuck together all of these months - we should even do a reunion when I get my BFP, only I'm all the way over in Hawaii - you're ALL INVITED!!!) Hope to see you guys here real soon! Again CONGRATS Deb - YOU MUST BE CRYING WITH JOY! Especially having conceived Christmas DAY!!!! AMEN!


jeanette - January 12

Hey GC....temping would be a good thing for you too....usually you have a dip in temp the day of O...and then O is confirmed with three consecutive higher temps....temping has been very informative to me in that it has helped me learn what my body is doing and at what time of the really helps in pinpointing O, of course opk's are good in correlation with temping too. I've been following your story and am praying for your bfp this month!!


gcmickens - January 12

Thanks so much Jeanette! Are you ttc this month, or are you already pregnant! I will temp AND use opk's next month if we're not pregnant this month! Txs!


Meg - January 12

Gigi...Meg here...I am not yet the 2ww right now, but don't think this is my month...just off the bc two months ago, first cycle normal, but this one has been all over the place...weird beginning to AF and now I don't know when I o'd...normally I can totally i am pretty much just waiting this cycle out (due to start any time from 19th to 24th depending on how you count it) and then maybe have a more normal cycle...i'm with you in that i don't temp or opk or anything...but have been blessed to have a body that (normally) is very clear as to what is going on...have three beautiful children and got pregnant with each quite quickly...anyway....SOOOOOOOOOO glad to see you again...and that you and DH are doing well...and that you came back to find us!!! good luck with the 2ww...maybe we'll end up testing together...if i have the patience to wait that long!!! (or is AF stays away that long!)


gcmickens - January 12

Hi Meg! Don't get discouraged just because your cycle was a little irregular this month . ... when is your af due? Mine is due Jan. 28, in 16 days, and I'll be 42 Jan. 17th - Is it alot harder to get pregnant at my age you guys? I hear yes, and some say no, so it's a little discouraging for me, but I will keep trying until I have my second baby! When did you "o" this month? I figure I'm right around that time, so I'll go buy some Robitussin for maximum sperm mobility and life span to hope for the best for the next two or three bd-ing sessions! Good luck to you too!


Chas - January 12

Hi Gigi, long time no talk. I remember you from last year. I use to post a lot then also. It has hit the one year mark for us ttc. Went to the doc today and he wants to do a post-coital test. (wants us to have intercourse, then come in that morning so he can check out the cm and the sperm together) Your cycle sounds exactly like mine. I am on cd7 today. I usually O between cd9 and 11, lately it's been cd11 and no later than cd 13. I too have 25-28 day cycles. I told my doc that I think our main problem is the stressing about it all !!! I try not to, but then it's so hard trying to bd on the right days!! oh well, good to see you back on the boards. Keep in touch !! and good luck


Deby - January 12

Hey girl. SO gald you posted. We missed you! Glad everything is ok with you are your hubby and you guys are back on track!! I am so psyched about my BFP. It still hasnt sunk in yet! I cant believe it finally happened after all this time. Can you believe it happened xmas What a blessing. I have my first prenatal appt on Feb and the doc wants me to go for an ultrasound the end of this month to check for size, and confirm my due date. I think because I was on Clomid..he also wants to make sure there is just Well it was great to hear from you and I will be sure to keep in touch. Miss ya lots and good luck!!!!!!



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