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Nell - October 13

I have heard that it can take up to a year for the shot to get out of your system. I was curious if that may be why I haven't been able to concieve over the past 4 months? I stopped taking the shot in February 2006.


bump - October 13



hm.. - October 13

February 2006? Wow where have I been...J/K it depends on your body. I was recently on DEPO and got pregnant


nell - October 13

sorry living in the future i really. I am 20 and as far as I know I should be pretty fertile. So I dunno maybe it just ins't time for me yet. I still have my hopes up for this month 5 more days til af doesn't show.


trudi - October 13

i stopped depo shots 3yrs ago and still cant conceive and i'm going for fertility treatment from Monday. Depo is an evil thing and i don't recommend to anyone who want to have child in the future. sorry to frighten you if you still don't get pregnant with in a year i recommend you go to doctor for tests


Nell - October 13

Thanks trudi my sister has also been on the depo before and she and her b/f never use protection but they use pull out method have been for like 4 years perhaps we both are having similar issues. Perhaps we can blame the depo. It is very scary but I will be sure to never recommend it to anyone.thanks again trudi. Good luck to you and your dh. BABY DUST!


naturechild - October 14

I was on Depo for 2 years and did not get a period during that time. After I got off of it and starting wanting to get pregnant again, it took a little while for my cycles to normalize, but now have a healthy 20 mo old son. I have always hear that depo can take a bit to get out of your system, but do not have any scientific data on this. If you are having problems, give it a little time before getting yourself too worried about the depo shot. If more time than you are comfortable with goes by, see your doctor :-) BABY DUST to you!!!! good luck!



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