Describe Cramping Before Af

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liz - June 24

Can someone describe the way your cramps feel. I am not due for af until the 26th but have been having a mild cramping sensation in my abdomen for 3 days. Every once in a while I will get a sharper pain on one side or the other. Any thoughts?


Wendy - June 24

had the same thought of thing.. and then got pains on my right side.. really strange and I was actually pregnant..


Dina - June 24

To Liz~ I am due for my a/f on the 28th of June and I have been experiencing cramps since June 19th. They come and go and feel like my period is about to start but it hasn't yet. Since mine started several days ago I thought it might be implantation cramping. I have heard that women can feel these anywhere from nothing at all to two weeks! Have you taken a pregnancy test yet? I have already taken two but only negatives so far. It is still a little early though. If the pain continues on one side I would call your doctor, otherwise cramping is normal early pregnancy. Hope we have good news soon!!! Good luck!!!!!


kari - June 24

I am also due for af on the cramps are sharp on either and sometimes on both sides with lots of lower back however, not much going on...strange it seems like it comes and goes but all tests are either verrrry faint positive or negative...I am just waiting for either af or a darker positive....hopefully positive! I am having all of the early pregnancy symptoms but still not a dark positive....playing the waiting game for now. good luck to you!


ladypage - June 25

i have been having cramps too! like a week a half b 4 af mine is not due until the 25/26 but i never had cramps until the day of my af and afterwards, what's going on with us, could it be some good news! bady dust to all****


mellissa - June 25

i've been feeling weird cramping too, but i've been very ga__sy and constipated (sorry if tmi). thought af would have been here by now...i'm on day 33 of my cycle...took a hpt yesterday and got a bfn... i don't know if i o'd late or what...or if i did at all...this month has just been weird for me. i'm going to take a test on the 26th if no af by then. good luck to everyone!!


Liz - June 27

Thanks for your responses. I am now officially a day late. I took a test Sat. morning and it came back BFN. If I don't start a/f today I am going to take another tomorrow. I am normally like clock-work (have been my entire life, even after getting off BC and having a M/C). Still crampy and running to the bathroom every 5 min. to check for a/f. Hopefully I will have some good news.



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