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Belinda - October 6

Hi, I am really in need of some help. I think i may be pregnant.My period is 8 days late. i've been having my usual cramps since the week before my period was due, i am still having these cramps they only last for about 10 seconds and is extreamly painful i can even feel the pain in my back it feels as if my back is tearing.i have had no spotting at all.I have been feeling nauseated for more than a week now its like the food is resting on my tummy. I've lost my appet_te. At times my br___ts feels very tender. I've never used any birth control pills and i haven't done a pregnancy test since my fiance' does not want to purchase a pregnancy test for me.Please help! I have no one to talk to about this.I know nothing about the symptoms of pregnancy.


Lo - October 6

I am experiencing something like that. My period is 20 days late. I had unprotected s_x. But he didn't ejaculate inside me. I have spoken to a couple doctors and all said wait until my next period. If it come I'm in the clear. If not I may need to get a blood test. Not all pregnant women produce enough hcg to get a positive on a pregnancy test. So if you can wait I say wait. Those tests are expensive. The cheapest place I found them is at walmart for 4 buck plus tax. I hope this was helpful.


Krissy - October 6

Hello, well i had the food sitting on the top of my stomach i did have pain going through my stomach to my back put it was more discomfort, not really bad pain, im only 4 days late, but i got a + test already, if you have anyother ??'s ill be happy to try and help, ill check this on and off


Krissy - October 6

Pregnancy signs, sore b___sts, white bumps around nipples, more viens on b___st, bloated belly, more gas, indegestion, high temps for 18 days, implantation bleeding, when egg attaches to uterus happens 6-12 days past ovulation, usually pink-brown can be red, not like a period lighter can be heavy, not for very long a couple days shouldn't be any large(size of walnut) clumps, shouldnt be extreme pain only cramps if that, i got all this from my doctor


belinda - October 6

Hi its Belinda again, i just want to say thank you all so much for responding to my question i am still so scared. Please continue sending me your responses i will be sure to let you all know if it turns out that i am pregnant. I am 24 but i am still not ready for a child right now however my fiance would like to have a child now. I am not going to abort it if i am pregnant but i just want to know now. unfortunately i do not have a job nor do i have any money of my own so any tests i would like to take my fiance' would have to give me the money. He thinks if i know now or later it does not matter since i will know anyway so he prefers me to wait. My b___sts is feeling sore however i have no white bumps around the nipples neither is there any veins showing on my b___sts. i haven't had this implantation bleeding(does this happen for all pregnancies)is it a symptom that is common to only some women.


L - October 6

I think he sould give you the money so test you can test. Its alright for him to say just wait he's not the one stressing over it. I know the tests can be expensive but if you know now at least you two can start planning things!


Emily - October 7

I say find a way to get a test. It is so important to get early health care for the sake of your baby. At least start taking prenatal vitimans. You can get the cheap over the counter ones and it would be a good start if you are preg. I hope everything turns out the way you want it to...I will be thinking about you...


to belinda - October 7

is there a planned parenthood in your area? if so call them because they do free pregnancy testing.


Colleen - October 7

Emily and "to Belinda" are right. Planned parenthood will do free testing if you have NO money. You do need to know ASAP because it is a good idea to begin your prenatal vitamins or at least to begin getting enough folate and folic acid. Totally as a side note and really none of my business, but your fiance sounds a little scary to me. It's silly not to give you money for something so important. I can only imagine how he feels about giving you money for other things. Will you be working ever or will he the only person working so you always have to ask him for money. I suggest you hash all of this out now because thaving a baby means being tied to someone who is sounding pretty controlling to me. Trust me situations like this don't get better. Good Luck to you.


Kim - October 7

Sometimes stress can make your period take forever to come... probably the stress of wondering if you are pregnant is throwing your body out of wack. When I first had unprotected s_x (silly thing to do!) I was so stressed that I might be pregnant that my period was almost a month late. Best wishes!


To Belinda - October 8

Is there someone else you can turn to? Mom? Friend? Sister? Maybe they could help you with the cost of the test? Babies require money-diapers, formula (b___stfeeding is much cheaper) clothes, carseat..etc..Is your fiance going to be OK with those added expenses? This is an important situation you are in. Please find someone who can support you mentally (health department workers are very compa__sionate people!) Good luck-I will check back to this to see your results. Take care of yourself.


Belinda - October 13

Hello everyone, I am so sorry that i took so long to respond to your e-mails i was going through a really rough time i was feeling so depressed at the thought of being pregnant that i just totally avoided all contact with anyone. Anyway once again i want to say thank you so much for all your thoughts and advice, you had all given me so much to ponder upon. well my fiance' finally decided to give in to me after 2 days of the silent treatment (he really hates that) after that he came to his senses. Anyway it turns out that i am pregnant we went to the doctor today and the final result was not in my favour . life is so unfair in that there are people who really want to have children and either cannot get pregnant or cant have children and to be honest i really wish god would save is blessings for someone who really needs it. I know i should be grateful i am reminded of that everyday by my fiancee' and that is exactly what the doctor told me today when i started crying in her office. whats next for me now is to get some councel its going to be rought for me getting use to the idea of becoming a mother . my fiancee is excited about becoming a father he has already chosen names for the child one for a boy and another for a girl. Thank u all so much for keeping me in your thoughts.


Dear Belinda - October 13

Its okay to feel the way that you do. I'm glad that you are going for counseling. Remember, God doesn't make mistakes. I'm also happy that your fiance is happy about it--there are so many women out there who have to do it all alone. Please continue to come here and talk with us!! If you need someone to talk to my address is [email protected]



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