Detect Pregnancy More Than 8 Wks

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Stress! - March 9

Is there anyone out there tat could share her experience of periods of freaking out coz missing 2nd period, tests -ve but proved pregnant later?


Trisha - March 10

I was going crazy buying every test out there, and then on 3/9/05 after not having a period since Jan 1st and taking a test almost every other day, i got a pos on my blood test,,,good luck wish you well


Stress! - March 10

Trisha, thks for sharing ... do ur body changes & incr wt durin these period?Hey gals, anymore to share the similar??? any idea of y being so late to detect preg???


stress! - March 10

anyone to share?


stress! - March 10

since yesterday, i realise i had some discharge - not much, watery & feelin of wetness - is tat sign of pregnancy or mens coming?


sharon - March 10

thats a sign of ovualtion or pregnancy


stress! - March 10

hi sharon, i m into 4wks late .... durin the 3rd wk, tested -ve, both urine & scan tests. gonna try test'g on my own ovr tis wkend ...wish me luck ! :))


sharon - March 10

good luck! maybe too early to show a positive as some women take as long as 3 months or more to show positive!!! and maybe a scan woundnt see anything as baby would be tiny!


stress! - March 10

sharon, cheers!


Jasmine - March 14

I was 11 weeks preggo before I found out...I have no idea why this is just one of those things i guess...,,,,does anyone know why this happens?


ruby - March 15

hey stress!! i'm stressed too!! i haven't had AF in 51 days!! like you, i keep getting neg. HPTs (last one i tried was on Sunday). Since getting off BC last july, my cycles have been 36, 44, and 36 days. I also miscarried on Dec. 20th, but since then I had one normal period in January. So now I'm on day 51 and no signs of AF.


bump - March 15



kat - March 15

ive not had a normal af since nov,had all signs and now i look preg but still no bfp so who knows!


best - March 15

so do you get the egg white CM when ovulating or when you are pregnant (how far along pregnancy do you get it) is there any difference between them?


bump - March 16




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