Dia Tia Colleen Where Are You

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lisa - November 7

Just trying to catch up with you all- Did you give up on the website??? I miss you all... Hope you get this.. Baby Dust~~~


Dia - November 7

I am still here Lisa! I was wondering where you had went...how are things going with you? Any thing change? Any news? This are okay here. I have been really, very sick with all-day sickness. It was so bad in my 7th week that I had to get put on IV's and stuff. I hadn't eaten solid food in three days. They have me phenergan to stop me from vomiting and it helped. I am still really sick to my stomach, but I have quit vomiting. I can eat, but very little and it is restricted to very tiny meals. I live on carrot sticks and fresh fruit. At dinner time I have something more (tonight a had a little bit of spaghetti!), but it all depends on what I can keep down. I can't stand the smell of any food at all, and I can't wash dishes because it makes me sick. I have been really miserable, but it is letting up some. I have felt a little better today. My b___bs are still very sore though, and tiredness has kicked in. I will be nine weeks tomorrow! I can't wait to have my first exam. My doctor won't do one until 12 weeks (DH is military, so I don't have a choice :( ) They said there is nothing they can do for me before then anyway. I guess that is true. I am glad you got back on here! I have been sort of lurking in the first trimester board. But anyhow, I have to go grocery shopping before Monday Night Football! Hope to hear from you soon!! Oh, and I also have a website where I am keeping my family and friends updated on the pregnancy...it is kind of my journal, if you want to check it out!! http://www.babiesonline.com/babies/l/lkayb99/


lisa - November 8

Hey Girl!!! I guess we got lost on that last thread. I was looking for both you, and Tia on the 1st tri board. I'm so glad you heard the h/b, and so sorry your sick!!! Blah...Hopefully, the smells will subside, and you'll start getting your energy back. DH, and i are being tested today for chromosome abnormalities, and I'm having my thyroid tested. My Dr. said I might not be making enough progesterone to sustain the pregnancy. So, we'll see what's happening. Well, I guess they call it luteal phase defect. Well, your on your way to the 2nd tri- are you going to find out the s_x of the baby?? Is DH going to be around, or is he off to Iraq? Keep me posted, and get plenty of rest!!! Keep me posted!! I'll let you know the results of our tests!! ~~ Baby Dust~~


Dia - November 8

Yes, definitely let me know the results. I wish the best for you - good luck! Hopefully we can get this next one to stick! DH and I are going to find out the s_x...I don't think I could stand not to! However, the base will not tell us the s_x, so there is a sonogramist that will do it in my hometown for about 100$ and we are going to get it done at 16 weeks, which is right around Christmas. DH will be home the entire time, thank goodness! Hopefully I won't have to send him back over. We are getting out of the military in 2006 and moving back to my hometown (St. Louis!). I can't wait for cold weather - here it is November 8, and it is 88 degrees in FL - I can't stand it! My nausea is subsiding, but I still can't stand the thought of food or the smell, but I can get up and move around. It seems that as soon as I hit a different week, I get a pregnancy symptom for that week - week 7 I was sick, I was still sick at week 8, but I also got very tired then too...now, at week 9, the nausea is a little better, but I have a horrid metallic taste in my mouth! It is insane - I am praying for week 14 to come!! I am still about 5 weeks from the second trimester - but hopefully I will feel better at week 11. Well, I suppose I have typed a book! Keep me updated!!


lisa - November 8

Dia- I'm so happy for you.. I'll get it right the next time.. We won't find out the results for another couple weeks, but, I'm not anxious to start again. I'm still healing, but happy for you- you wanted this so bad, and it couldn't of happened to a better person.. Just enjoy in the sickness/tiredness- the end result is worth everything. I'm not very religious, but I believe in miracles, and happiness- It's all god's plan. I hope one day we'll meet with our children, and laugh of our trials, and tribulations of pregnancy. I pray for a good pregnancy for you, and like i said, our children will meet some day. I'm keeping track of your journal, and can't wait to hear the s_x of the baby. Dh , and I are going to try again in Feb. Please keep me updated... I feel like you've been in my life forever- by the way- send over some baby dust, and GLUE......BABY DUST~~~~~~~


Dia - November 8

I just saw that you signed my baby page thingy! Thank you very much - I plan on keeping it and priniting it all out and making a sc___pbook out of it so I can remember all of the people in my life at this time. Thank you for all of your blessings! I think if I were to lose this baby it would be a LONG time before I would try again. I don't blame you for waiting. It is a very, very difficult thing to go through...I cannot imagine going through 9 weeks of it and then not having it anymore. You were 10 weeks when you found out, weren't you? I am really hoping that the hb is there when we go in for our next appointment. I would be devastated to have to go through that. I am sending baby dust, with a special packet of baby glue to your house via stork. You should receive it within 3-5 business days! :) Hopefully you will find out if something is keeping you from having the baby - hopefully it will be something easy to spot, and even easier to fix. We will have to get together one day with our kids. That would be really great! My real name is Lydia, but I kept running into other Lydia's at the time I was ttc, so I just used the second half of my name! I thought my full name was unique enough, but apparently not! Well, I think I am going to go and take a bath. You take care of yourself and I will chat with you later!!


lisa - November 9

Hey Dia! How ya feeling today?? I wish Tia, and colleen would pop in- I wonder where they've gone. Tia must be in her 2nd tri by now. I'm sure your still snoozing, god, being pregnant takes it out of you. I'll keep up on your journal. Keep me posted!! ~~Baby Dust~~


lisa - November 9

Hey Dia- I was just reading over old threads, and smiling.. I just found out my sister is pregnant with her second...( where did I put my Zoloft!!) I'm happy for her, but still a little sad.. I hope my 3rd time is a charm...


Dia - November 9

Hey girl! Congrats to your sister! That is funny about the zoloft! Hehe... I know sometims it is hard to be happy for other people and you want to just pull your hair out and hit people :) Life isn't fair, is it? But like you said...the man upstairs has some sort of plan! And you know, with miscarriages they say it is God's way of saying something is really wrong with the embryo...I don't know if that makes you feel any better...I know that I have been having issues with this pregnancy and my doctors just keep prepping me just in case a miscarraige occurs. Anywho...on a lighter note, this nausea is absolutely killing me! And what is even crazier...is that I am gaining weight! I can only eat at night, so when I finally get a chance to, I am starving. But I suffer all day trying not to throw up...then I still get fat :) Oh, well...such is life. I am concentrating on some papers for school today. I have to write a 25 pager, and an 18 pager by Thanksgiving. yuck! But I feel better by getting them started. I am ready for a break from school. I will get it next summer! Yea!! Well, I had better run! Talk to ya later!


Dia - November 10

Hey girl! How are you doing? I am a heffer now - I tried to put some of my nicer clothes on for a meeting and I looked like a stuffed fish in a can! It was awful! Just curious...did you gain any weight while you were pregnant? I have gained 8 pounds and have no idea how, since I can hardly eat! Ahhhhhhh!!


lisa - November 10

Hey Dia, god, that's alot of work you have to do.. don't stress yourself out!! I'm going to keep hounding you to relax- this is the most crucial period of your pregnancy, and you need to rest!!! I just got my pap smear back, and everything is normal. Now it's just these battery of test that are making me crazy.(Again- trying to find zoloft) DH has been awesome, I haven't worked much, as the season dies out. So , I find myself driving myself nuts... Anyhow, just keeping in touch, and making sure everything is aok. Your almost over that god d__n hump!! Both you, and my sister will be due at the same time!! Take care of yourself, and think positive... I'm with ya for this trimester(and all), many prayers are going out via baby glue- which you should receive 3-5 days.. he,he. I'm going to start sending you baby clothes... Keep me posted.. ~~ Baby Dust~~


lisa - November 10

Dia- gained alot of weight quick.. remember those size 6 pants.... Still can't get my a__s in them... Screw it. We'll be trying again, so I'm remaining my size 10. Get some comfy maternity pants from Old Navy- Their cheap & comfy. I'm on-line if you want to chat!!!


Dia - November 12

Oh darn! I must have got off-line right away - that is too bad, I would have liked to chat! I am sorry you haven't been working too much - I will send you some work! I was supposed to start one of my papers today, but I had a really bad migraine and I couldn't move. It was awful. I am feeling better now! Hopefully, I will start the paper tomorrow. How are you feeling? Have you gotten any more results back yet???


Dia - November 12

Okay, I am the biggest dork in the world. It is almost 1 am here and I have just spent the last hour going through here are re-reading ALL of our previous posts...even way back when Tia first joined us! It was bittersweet!! Will you give me your email address again? I am having a hard time finding our last thread where we exchanged them. I promise to put it in my address book right away and send you an email so you will definitely have mine also. It is [email protected] and I check it several times a day! I really, really wish we could find Tia and Colleen! If we did, when we all have our kids they would be about the same age. It would be kind of like the "sisterhood of the traveling pants." That is the children's book, and movie, about these girls who are friends b/c their mom's were friends when they were pregnant - they met at a pregnancy yoga cla__s...that could be us!! I think I am going to put out a BOLO on the 1st trimester board...maybe she has moved over to the other side permanently....okay...off I go!!


lisa - November 14

Hey Girl- how ya feeling? give me a shout- I'm off all day, and will be on - line!! Lisa


lisa - November 15

Hey Girl- How ya feeling?? I've got to put your e-mail address in my book- so i can send you some pics of DH, and I, so we can put a face w/ the names!!!! Keep me posted, I'm just cleaning today- Blah.... W/B if your up to it!! Baby Glue!!


Dia - November 15

Hey girl! Sorry, I wasn't online much yesterday, I was writing papers! I felt really good on Sunday, almost back to normal, but yesterday was a really yucky day. I hit 10 weeks today! Hopefully I will go back to the doctor in the next 2-3 weeks for an official checkup...I will feel better being able to hear the heartbeat to make sure it is still there. I have already gained about 10 lbs and I am only 2.5 months pregnant. And I wasn't tiny beforehand either! I don't have a clue since I am hardly able to eat anything. Yuck!! Well, I am about to go grocery shopping and then start up on my paper again! Have a fantabulous day!!



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