Diarrhea Instead Of Vomiting

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Alma - May 3

I was wondering if anyone has this happen. I've been this way for years. Whenever I get nauseous or get the flu it comes out the other way. Is anyone pregnant and having this happen?


Still Trying - May 3

I do get this too. I guess it is just another outlet to get the bad stuff out of you. I am not pregnant yet (at lease I don't think...we will see in a couple of weeks) but have had this with the prenatal vitamins. I do not get a stomach ache but have had diarrhea.


Susan - May 4



c - May 4

I had diarrhea 5 dpo and it just stopped 2 days ago, at 8 weeks pregnant. It was only in the morning and ga__sy the rest of the day. Of course now i am backed up as pregnancy hormones are supposed to do.


Moni - May 4

I am late for my period and having Diarrhea for a while (from 10 dpo). Not exactly diarrhea but I run to loo 30 mins-60mins after eating anything...anything at all. I was thinking that I might have caught a bug or something. But really - is this a symptom???? If so for the first I will start feeling happy about this yucky feeling ;) Please...please do let me know.


c - May 4

Hi Moni there is nothing doc_mented anywhere, pregnancy hormones are suppose to be constipation as well as the maternity pill. Mother nature does work in mysterious ways. It happen to me and i read some convincing posts that it is a sign of pregnancy in some women.


Julie - May 4

Hi everyone. Yes, diarrhea can be a symptom, just how your body reacts to the hormones early. I got pg in December and m/c in March. We are again ttc. But, I had diarrhea just after ovulation and around the time I found out. Then it tapered off as the hormones built up and got more the other way.......constipated.


Alma - May 4

Thank you for the responses...I was having diarrhea all week...now it's starting to go the other way...but I'm still sick to my stomach :(



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