Did Anyone Feel Like They Were Getting Their Period

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Sunflowers - July 13

Hi! I am 10 days late...I usually get my period on time...but I feel like I am getting my period. I am cramping, but when I go to check nothing is there but extra fluid. My br___ts are not sore, but I have been really moody. I was just wondering if anyone had the feeling like they were getting their period, but found out later you were pregnant?


HezBux - July 13

Yes, I did feel like I was getting my period, right when it was due, and for a week or so after. I am now almost 10 weeks, and even at 8 weeks, felt like my period was coming the second month of pregnancy.........have you done a pg test? Hope it all goes well for you!


Linds - July 14

I feel the same way. Well I'm now 14 days late with my af....i feel like its about to come any minute....But nothing but this white milky cm in abundance. But all my home pg tests are negative so I have no idea what to think.


Sue - July 14

I am feeling the same too. I am not sure if I am late or not though because I had a m/c 30 days ago & we have been ttc again since. I am not even sure when I ovulated and I am also very irregular. I have had cramps all day today and have spotted a little bit on the toilet paper. If the cramps are anything to go by I would normally have my af by now. I did a hpt 2 days ago & it was neg. Maybe if my af doesn't show up I will test again in 2 days time. Just for something crazy, before I found out I was pregnant last time I had this really wierd feeling from my lower back to my bum, like pins & needles or like I had been burnt or something. I have that feeling again! Fingers crossed.


to linds - July 14

im 15 days late and have done 9 pg tests - all negative. My bbs are starting to get sore and i have the same signs as you....im going to test again on the 20th


Linds - July 14

I don't mean to burst your bubble but when you have cramps with bleeding it is not IB, you do not cramp. I had what I think was IB about 2 1/2 weeks ago, no cramping until a few days after. I think I'm going to test again tomorrow or Saturday. I don't really think I am since everything is coming back negative.


rach - July 14

everybody is different ib cramps are very light and do not hurt alot, you know theyre there but its more like a dull ache. but af cramping hurts alot hell of alot like mine are killer. hope no af this month xXx



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