Did Anyone Get Pregnant On The Pill

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Marsha - May 8

I need some serious advice. I have been on the pill for years and have almost been married for a year. Around the time I think I was ovulating, I had some pill problems and had s_x. I ALWAYS start, like clockwork, on Tuesdays....should be starting this Tuesday, but today, it was like I started but there is no blood...just brown stuff, like old blood. I know the chances of getting pregnant on the pill are very slim, so I don't want to worry. But I've been having litte "twinges" as some of y'all say, down low, ovary area, off and on for two weeks and am RIDICULOUSLY emotional. My br___ts don't hurt, but they never do b/f I start. Can anyone advise?? I just want to know if this has happened to anyone else and what it means. Thanks in advance.


Jen - May 8

Hi Marsha, it is possible to get preg. on the pill. My sister has been preg. 3 times in the past two 1/2 years and she was on the bill, took it faithfully at the same time everyday. so it is possible! good luck toyou!


Marsha - May 8

Thanks Jen. Do you know if anything was different in her early pregnancies? How did she know? Missed period?


jen - May 8

Marsha, she missed her period with the first two. Both of the first two she had totally different symtoms. With this one she "just had a feeling" took test day b4 af was due and BFP! r u ttc?


Marsha - May 8

No, we aren't. I know if I ended up pregnant, we'd be happy, but we really aren't ready. Like I said, we've only been married about 11 months. However, I turn 30 next month, so it wouldn't be devistating (except we might not have enough money to feed it! haha) Anyway, I have just been a little concerned b/c we had s_x one morning and I forgot to take my pill until sev. hours later, and the next day I forgot all together. I've just felt "funny," and with this period thing happening, it made me even more nervous. I really just like having as much info as possible--I don't want to be taken by surprise!!


jen - May 8

oh and about the brown or old blood..that could be implantation bleeding. Not trying to scare you, just wanted you to know. just take a test.


Marsha - May 8

But would the implantation bleeding be this late? For some reason I thought if I conceived, it would have come shortly after. I have no idea, though, as I've never been pregnant!! Thanks for all of your info. :)


me - May 9

ive only been on the pill 2 weeks and had stomach bug just after i had s_x.will i get pegnant?


Steff - May 9

Marsha: I responded to your question in the May 1-7th post.... It's really long, sorry, i just kept typing. I don't have internet at home si that's why it took so long for me to respond.


Newy - May 9

Marsha i nearly fainted when i read your post as it is EXACTLY like me. Im due tomorrow (tues) and also have been having twinges and pains. I never get PMS but last week i was so angry for no reason at all. Ive been on BCP for 7 years but this month started my new packet late as i needed to get a script filled and also missed one day. Im trying not to stress as i know this can cause you to be late. Goodluck and please keep us posted.


Marsha - May 9

Newy--I am sorry but glad someone else is in the same boat I am! I am still having brown blood mixed with a tiny amount of red. I'm just going to keep watching today and see what happens. You keep me posted too!


bev - May 9

Marsha--sometimes when you miss a pill or two it can do funky things with your period, make it come late or early, make it extra heavy or very light, make you spot in between periods...I think you are probably fine, but you should take an hpt just to make sure!


To Marsha from Newy - May 11

AF started this morning (wed) very lightly and a day late but I went to the dr anyway. Im always reading how people get AF and are still pregnant so i thought its best to check. Anyway she did a preg test (not blood) and it was negative. She suggested i go back and see her if im still having pains/twinges in 2 weeks and she will do some swabs tests to check for any infection and if they come back negative then go for an ultrasound to check to make sure i dont have ovarian cysts etc. Fingers crossed these twinges go away as im not looking forward to the swab tests :) I hope everything is working out for you. Take care.



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