Did I Caculate Wrong

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Jessica - May 17

I have a question that i hope someone can help me with.I am trying to concieve and i just got my period yesterday.Im not sure if i caculated right or something.The first day of my last period was on April 23 and i was suppose to get my period again on May 17 but i got it 2 days early which was on May 15. The last 2 months my cycles are not the same.My cycles are usually every 24 to 25 days.Will it be hard for me to concieve if i get my period early sometimes or late?Whats are the best ways to try?And is my cycle still 25 days even if i got it early?I just got my period on May 15 so does anyone know when i will ovulate so we can try again?It was so disappointing for us not to concieve this month :( Can anyone please help.


to Jessica - May 17

it is difficult to determine the ovulation for irregular cycles. it's better to try the ovu kit or if u r sure ur cycles range fr 23-25days, u may count backwards 12-14 days from these range, therefore building a range of fertile days to make love, increasing the chance of pregnancy. keep trying .. i m on my 8th mths of tryin ... good luck!


jessica - May 17

ok i have another question when you caculate your period do you count the first dau you start it to the next day you get it again or the first day you get it to the day before you get it again?


Grandpa Viv - May 17

With a short cycle like that you need to be charting or at least watching cervical mucus and position to determine ovulation. You may be ovulating as early as CD10, in which case s_x CD7-10 would be good. On the other hand you may have a real short luteal phase which doesn't give time for implantation and a doctor's help might be needed. Go to fertilityfriend.com and start charting. Good luck!


jessica - May 17

so are what you are saying i should start trying around the 7th day after my period?


to jessica - May 17

yes, like grandpa viv says, it can b fr 7th day from your 1st day show of period onwards .. if u don wish to chart, then observe ur cm. cal ur period fr the first day it starts for the 23-25 cd, then count backwards for 10 -14 days for ur ovu timing. seems like in ur case, u shd b ovulating early if u hv a short cycle. gd luck!


jessica - May 17

ty.. so if my cycle was 23 days this month i should count back 10 days and if it was 25 i should count back 14 is this right? im sorry to be such a pain its just really confusing to us.


jessica - May 17

also ho do you check cervic position?


Jessica - May 18

ty for all of your advices. There is one more thing i would like to ask. If i should try to start on my cd7 day, if i am still on my period is that ok? or i should be off my period? im trying to get this sooooo confusing cus my cycle is 24 days can anyone help


b - May 18



jessica - May 18

how do you check cervical position?



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