Did I Have A Chemical Pregnancy

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Cassie - April 18

I am freaking out. I had a one night stand with an ex boyfriend(stupid I know) and a week later I had brown spotting for two days. Dry spotting. My period ended up being 12 days late and when I started it was really red like bright red. I had sharp pains shooting up my va___a.Then it stopped for two days. Then again I had bright red bleeding with no cramping or anything. I had it all the veins in my br___ts which I still have as I type this and I was napping frequently. I even woke up several times a night to pee which is not common for me. Now the naps and peeing have subsided but the veins are still there. I took a test and it was negative. A week later I took the second test and about 10 minutes into the test it showed a positive line. But my friends say it was an evaporation line since the other test was negative. The positive came after the bleeding. But I took another of the same test that gave me a positive and let it sit for days and it never developed an evaporation line so how could this same test form one after only ten minutes? Now I am just getting negatives. I am scared because I have never had bright red bleeding on the 5th day even though technically it would have been the 3rd day of bleeding. And my period cramps are usually much much worse than what I had. Also had some pinkish in there. I want to go to doctor but I am afraid it is to late to tell. It has been about 3 weeks since I had that bright bleeding. I am waiting to see if I start this month. Due the 25th. (going by my late day) I am so upset. I have been crying like crazy just because I felt so pregnant and now I don't. Did I lose this one? And is there anyway to find out? I figured a blood test wouldn't show any HCG now being almost a month later if I were pregnant and I lost it. Should I test again or just let go of the feeling. I have never in my life spotted like that or had bleeding that skipped days in between. I am 27 and considered about 20 pounds underweight even though I eat constantly. Thanks.


Ca__sie - April 18

Also wanted to add that I know underweight people can delay or make you miss your periods but I never have done this before. Also had lots and lots of wet whitish clear discharge that ran out of me like a faucet but now that is gone too. It lasted about 4 weeks.


Helpful - April 18

Dear Ca__sie, You are probably correct.I know that your upset but, sometimes these things happen because their could have been an abnormality with the egg.If you had a positive test twice then you most likely were in fact pregnant.I think that you should go to the doctor so he can rule out etopic pregnancy. And just for peace of mind.Wipe those tears.Good luck to you my dear.


Ca__sie - April 18

So now I have to keep this to myself because everyone thinks it was an evaporation line. And no-it was only one positive, sorry. But it happened after the bleeding. (like a week later). Everyone will probably just say oh you are being silly. But I know my body and I know something wasn't normal about it. How do I confirm it since so much time has pa__sed? Thanks.


Ca__sie - April 18

Also my ex and I are still good friends and know we are better as friends but it just happened one night when we were drunk and it was comfortable. Anyway if I find this to be true that i was in fact pregnant, I should keep this from him right? I don't want to upset him if I don't have too. But I don't want to know this information alone. I am so upset.


helpful - April 18

Well honey, Somethings are better off unsaid.I still think you should go to the doctor.Explain what happened and get a professional opinion. Do you know what an etopic pregnancy is ? If you don't I'll tell you.


Ca__sie - April 18

I know it is when the egg fertilizes somewhere other than your uterus but from what I understand you have a lot of cramps and I didn't. I had sharp pains shooting up v____a on first day of bleeding but that was it. I will go to doctor but I am scared they will just brush it off because I have no proof. But you know your body, you know? I won't tell him if I did. We are getting along great as friends I don't want a barrier between us again. It just hurts that I have to go through this alone. Thank you helpful.


Helpful - April 18

Ca__sie, Thank you for going to the doctor.Very wise choice. Do not let the doctor dismiss your feelings.As for not telling your EX. Another wise decision.See your on a roll,I hope all works out for you. I also hope you continue to make wise decisions.


Melissa S - April 18

I know this is really hard for you to go through. I've been there a time or two myself, but you don't have to go through this alone..... we are all here for you!!!! Wipe your tears, things will get better.


Melissa - April 18

I had an etopic pregancy, I was preggo with twins and they did not know it. The other baby had planted in my tube and it was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. It has actually ruptured my right tube and made me throw up some kind of poison. Atleast that is what they said I was throwing up. Anyhow, I do not remember any pains shooting up there, but I know my right side hurt so bad and when they did a sono to see what was going on (they did a v____al one) it was so painful. If you were pregant and lost it, just remeber it was not meant to be, either it was going to have soemthing wrong or it was just not your time. All I can keep telling myself is that god knew what he was doing when I lost that baby and I know he had a reason for it even if I don't really understand why. Vent to us!


Ca__sie - April 19

Been gone for a couple days. Couldn't check this. I am wondering now if I am still pregnant? My b___sts are even worse now. Darker veins and EVERYWHERE on my b___sts. Could the pregnancy tests be wrong? I would be about 5 weeks pregnant? These veins are so weird. Especially on one of them, this one vein in particular is dark blue and goes down my b___st and around in a circle around my areola and I see a few veins running through the actual nipples themselves. Would they get worse if I lost this pregnancy or wouldn't they start to disappear? Now I am more confused than ever. I go to the doctor the 26th. Unless I start my period, then I will just cancel it. Unless the veins are still here it may be that there is something else wrong. Now I am scared.



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