Did I Hurt My Baby

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Ashamed - April 28

I just quit bleeding...it was pretty heavy. I assumed it was my period but then it stopped after 2 days. Not normal for me at all. Went ahead and bought a test and it was positive. The thing is I drink Mountain dews like crazy. Maybe 4-5 bottles a day and I also smoke a pack a day. I didn't suspect pregnancy or else I would not have done this at all. I am only about 6 weeks because I had a one night stand about then and haven't been with anyone since. I know the guy so it isn't to awful and he is ok with it as we have known each other for years but I am scared that the bleeding is a bad sign and if I lose this baby I will blame myself for drinking dews and smoking like I do. I don't go to doctor until two weeks. Why did I bleed when I am pregnant?


to ashamed - April 28

hey girl...dont freak out too much, cigarettes and caffine dont have the same affect on the fetus as other things like alcohol or other illegal substances, before i found out i was pregnant i was drinking about a pot of coffee ( right in the morning ) and smoking around a pack of cigarettes as well, i quit smoking and drinking coffee immediatly, my pregnancy ultimatly resulted in miscarriage ( that is not to say that yours will ) but my doctor told me that it was most likely not related to smoking and drinking coffee, also i did have some bleeding too, but mine lasted around a full cycle with clotting, and plenty of other period-like symptoms, followed by a week or 2 of discharge, i think that you will be fine good luck at the docotor, and keep us posted, oh by the way good luck, is this your first pregnancy?


lol - April 28

oops i meant to say 'by the way congratulations' not good luck is this your first pregnancy lol. so congratulations!


DH - April 28

to ashamed- Don't worry that is not the worse you can do...Anyway some women do have some bleeding at first it is called implantation bleeding which is the body getting ready for your pregnacy. I think you will be just fine. Congrates. I hope I helped.


No!! - April 29

Don't worry. Just stop smoking and get caffeine free sodas. Good Luck!!



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