Did I Miscarry

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Kevgrl - November 28

I posted here in the beginning of November. I finished my period on October 27th. Oct 31st I had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend and he pulled out approximately 0.5 seconds before he came. A few days after that, i started spotting. The spotting lasted for about 2 days; then all kinds of cramping and fatigue ensued. I was expecting my period on the 21st (it came a day or two late in october, on the 23rd), so I took a first response HPT and i got a faint (greyish) positove response. The following day, I took another and I got a negative response. So I waited and waited and on Nov 23rd, I took a test and got another negative. My period didnt come until the evening of Nov 25th. At first the flow was abnormally heavy, but this only lasted for the 25th. Since then, I've been doing little more than heavy spotting. This isnt normal for me.


Kevgrl - November 30

Any responses anyone? I'm still spotting and tomorrow will make 7 days since my "period" started. This is totally odd for me.


zuly - December 1

If you think you are pregnant go to the D.R. to take a blood test. If you miscarried the D.R. should be able to tell you .


vonda - December 1

not trying to say your answer is wrong, you are right, but some docs will not tell you that you micarried because that will set up fear if you do become pregnant. some women miscarry and are not aware of it. our body can sometimes become confusing, because you can have a period and still be pregnant. did your test show just a clear negative?


Grandpa Viv - December 1

http://www.wdxcyberstore.com/nimquicstrip.html ... contains cautionary information about relying on positives before missing a menses. It is one of the reasons I always advise waiting until a week after. Which said, if you continue to have early signs after this flow, test again, like about now. Bleeding does occur at period time in 25% of pregnant women in the first trimester.



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