Did I O On Easter EGG

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Saird - April 13

I just wondered if anyone has had this...I'm on CD 20 and have noticed, only when wiping, a small amount of pinkish in my CM. I've never spotted mid-cycle before. Would this be Implantation or O? LMP was Mar.24. Has anyone had pinkish CM and been pregnant? Thanks for any advice...


Amber #2 - April 13

A lot of women get ovulation bleeding a few days after they have ovulated, so it could possibly be that. But it could also be implantation bleeding, although I think that is much less common. Either way, good luck!


Lin - April 13

Definitely a borderline case. I've had ovulation spotting at 5 dpo before, and if you've got a 28-day cycle with a 14-day luteal phase, then you'd be at 6 dpo. Do you know how long your luteal phase is? How long is your typical cycle?


Saird - April 13

My cycles are all over the place. It could be 30 days, or 40 days. I went off the pill about 5-6 months ago and it 's been different every month. I' ve never had O bleeding though.


Lin - April 13

Well, the one time I had ovulation bleeding was the first time in my life, too, and I'm 33. If your cycles are longer than usual, then it was even more likely to be ovulation bleeding.


Saird - April 14

So, if it was O bleeding, when is the best time to get preggo? Before that or after that? Or during? So confused...


SweetP - April 14

The best time to get pregnant is at the same time, in a way. The best way to do it is to track your ovulation signs and have s_x BEFORE you ovulate so that there are already sperm in the uterus waiting for the egg to be released. This does not mean that you can't have s_x at the time (or around) of ovulation and still achieve pregnancy. I'd say if what you experienced was ovualation spotting, then its time to do the deed!!! Next month, invest in either OPKs or a basal body temperature chart in order to determine your fertile phase, in addition to watching and learning the different phases of your cervical mucus.



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