Did I Put My Pregnancy In Danger

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worried - May 19

I just found out I am 3 months pregnant. I have drank 2 alcoholic beverages about every two or three weeks. That is when me and the girls go out for some girl time. Is this harmful to the baby. Oh and I was smoking cigs on a daily basis. I had no clue I was pregnant. thanks.


Nurse Julie - May 19

Yes, it could harm your baby. Take better care of yourself and your unborn child.


K - May 19

That was a bit harsh, "Nurse Julie"! Worried, there isn't a lot you can do about the past - the amount of alcohol you had shouldn't be too much of a concern, and it's a pity you smoke, but I'm sure if you stop now things will be just fine. Goodness, there are people out there who do much worse things to themselves and somehow manage to have healthy babies! Take care of yourself and the little life inside you. K.



hi worried, it would be one thing if you had known that you were pg and doing these things, however you didnt. there have been plenty of women who drank and smoked before they found out, but i would definatly stop doing these things now. nurse julie, yes it could hurt the baby, but she was unaware of the pregnancy in the first place, it isnt like she was intentionally doing it even though she was pregnant...she said and i quote 'i just found out' so there wasnt any need to come down on her that way! good luck worried...and congrats on the baby!


Relax and be happy! - May 20

I am sure you and the baby will be just fine and I don't think you need to worry really. Some years ago, no one even knew alcohol was bad for babies. You really didn't drink large quant_ties. Smoking is obviously not good but again I think it won't have harmed the baby, as long as you stop now. I can tell you, none of what you did would allow any doctor to call for a medical termination. And you know why..because you'll be fine. Congrats on your pregnancy and hope you have a good one.



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