Did I Test 2 Early

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help me - December 2

my period is due in 2 days time i have had alot of preg symtoms and even feel preg! My nipples are darker i eat loads more than usual i have bad heads feel faint all day and have spots on my face! when should i test to make sure im not pregnant??


jessica - December 2

hi all. well i posted yesterday. my last period was on nov 1st and i was due nov 29th. i was late 4 days and today i got my period. i had all the signs of pregnancy. discharge, swollen b___bs, nausea and pain. i have never had al theese symptoms before. i was toold that the older you get your cycle can chane. it can be anywhere from 21 days to 35 days. so all of you out there that are worried about getting pregnant and do not want to dont even test until 35 days. i did and it was a waste of money. i do it all the time and now i am gonna get on birth control so i can decide when i have a baby. not faith. ps to all of you out htere that want a baby, good luck and may god bless u when the time is right. the longer u were on birth control the harder it is to get pregnant right away.


Christine - December 2

I would wait at least until the day after you are due...though just insight I have gotton a positive result before I was due...jessica is right it can be a waste of money..but you can also get cheap tests at the dollar store..thats where I got mine


Grandpa Viv - December 2

One of the reasons to wait until a week after your period is due is that there are quite a few "chemical " pregnancies such as Jessica may have experienced. The pregnancy tries to get established but just doesn't "stick". It is actually possible to get a positive test before period time followed by a negative after the period is over.


help me - December 2

thanks all loads for yr help this is a great site and very friendly!!! I will test after im due to see what happens i prob wont be but will keep my fingers crossed 4 us all! Take care and thank you xx


help me - December 2

waste of money yr right i have had 3 preg test and 4 ovulatyion kits all month which was a waste as i have not ovulated once since my last weird period which means wot i dont know!!!



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