Did I Test Too Early

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Stasia - July 19

Ok, so I posted a question before but I need some more advice! The first day of my last period was June 8th. I am 28 days to the day. About two weeks ago, I started spotting a brownish discharge followed a couple days later by some cramping. The spotting lasted about 4 days, the cramping a little longer. I still have some discomfort. I also have had quite a bit of clear/whitish discharge (more than normal daily). My br___ts starting three days ago. I am officially one week late today and I broke down and took a test. It was negative. Could I have taken it too soon? When is the best time to take it? I figure conception was around the 22nd or so of June. Aren't theses some classic signs of pregnancy? I soo don't want to get my hopes up but........ANY advice would be wonderful!! Thanks everyone!


c - July 19

hi Stasia, sounds like you are pregnant to me! everyone says you should be able to get a positive result just a couple of days after you have missed your period! but people are different, you should go and see a doctor, they can do a blood test! my result was positive just after 2days of no af!! best of luck, keep us posted please! i have my fingers crossed for you ***baby dust***


Bri - July 19

stasia You had your period and possible conception time the same time as me.... and I have very similar symptoms as you did. I've taken so many HPT's before my missed AF I can even begin to tell you how many and all NEG. I've also taken 3 blood tests. ALL NEG. BUT im also a week late with excessive lotiony discharge and I have some major food cravings going on, im tired, have headaches, some nausea, heartburn and what not. My OBGYN told me that if my AF hadn't started by this friday to test again. Keep me posted on what's going on with you, and i'll do the same if you want. Baby dust to you babygirl



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