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* - March 18

did that witch finally get the h__l outta here? geez.


to * - March 18

lol how annoying was she!


Sick of it!!!!! - March 18

NO IM NOT GONE, just sitting back listening you your guys and your BOO HOOs about neg test that you cant change


to-Sick of it. - March 18

You know what p__s off! I took 5 pregnancy tests from the store, had TWO blood tests done and they came out negitive. The dr finally checked my uterus and i am 5 weeks pregnant. Not only that i am studying in the medical field to be a peditrition doctor and my moms best friend delivers babies. It IS possible to have a negitive result. I am anemic and thats why mine came out wrong. So go check your sources again


Madison - March 18

I am also anemic have been for years I wonder if that could have anything to do with mine?


confused - March 18

maybe. i am the one who wrote the thing to sick of it. It could have something to do with it


Mad - March 18

I would like to know more about that, There just dont seem to me much out there about what causes the blood tests to be neg when in fact your pregnant


Emma - March 19

Do you know for what reason a being anemic would have on a blood test, Im just kinda wondering as I am also anemic , if you know why could you let me know please


to sick of it!!!! - March 19

so now what do you have to say to that!!! looser!


confused - March 19

so it is possible to get a negative test result if your anemic, mines coming out negative too and im anemic


kat - March 19

thats interesting,i never knew that about the anemic thing,ive been anemic for years,im going to do more research now :o)


i rely on god - March 19

sick of it. i hope that god reaches you and pulls you towards his wonderful joy. i hope that you feel overcome with his prescence and turn to him about the issues your life faces. i pray that one day you will see that your intent to hurt peoples feelings on here is not that of a positive life and i pray for your salvation in your most difficult times


princess - March 19

u tell em!! good on ya, sick of it seems like a miserable individual or some1 who has been deeply hurt by a m/c or inability to get preggas!!!


forget - March 19

Forget about time wasters, that come on here insulting ppl and being mean to others. If u don't reply to her comments, she might still carry on being mean, but after a while, she'll get tired of it ! Who cares about her or her critics ? NO-ONE ! So ladies, smile, and ignore her!


angel - March 19

well apparently my comment shut her up! She acted like she knew everything. i had to say something to shut her up


Sick of it!!!!! - March 19

GET TIRED OF IT, dont you guys get tired of takin test after test and getting neg after neg.....what the hell are you husbands doing while you spend ours at a time reading things on here that you already know....signing off....SICK OF IT


sick of it's a looser! - March 20

lol at the last post! you go girl,tell her like it is!



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