Did You Quot Feel Quot Pregnant

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kw - March 23

Hey guys, I was just wondering if anybody just felt like they were pregnant before a test could actually confirm. I "feel" like I am but I dont' know if I'm just being weird! lol


Jena - March 23

I did.. I felt like something was off and I was (kinda) right - I was slightly prego - but miscarried :(. So follow your instinct and take a test when AF is due. Good luck!


kw - March 23

thanks so much Jena.... anybody else feel like this?


Megs - March 23

I totally feel like this now, all these sympoms and not to mention signs I am getting in various things, I hope this isn't another false alarm!


enail - March 23

I "felt" pregnant, had all the signs (nausea, sore and huge bbs, even metallic taste and lost taste for coffee), but it was a false alarm and a/f came. My first pregnancy was 10 years ago, so I can hardly remember the signs, except that I was totally surprised with BFP, which I did not take until after a/f was two week late. I think, ttc, is making me focus on every thing that seems like a sign. Though, I hear, that some women feel and know it right away. GOOD LUCK!


J-lo1629 - March 23

I feel like i am too but i still haven't checked, if i am i should be around 2 weeks when should i test?


kw - March 23

j-lo- i wouldn't test for maybe another 2 wks or until late. If I'm right I'm about 3 weeks and I'm going to try to test next week or wait longer.... its tough though. I'm battling being nauses for the first time today. anyone else?


chriss - March 23

I'm not sure if this helps any of you but when I thought I was pregnant, I did test to early and of course I got about three negatives. I didn't have any "real" symptoms, just the ones in my mind that I wanted to be real, but then I started having real symptoms like nausea and really sore b___bs etc. Things that I've never had before, and if I had during PMS, they were so much stronger. I think as a general rule, if you are having real symptoms (not the ones you want to be true because you've read them somewhere) then you can probably test. If you are really nauseous and don't have food poison, then it is the HCG hormone that is making you nauseous and if there is enough to make you nauseous or have sore b___bs etc, then there is enough for a sensitive pregnancy test to detect. Hope this helps. Good luck!!!



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