Did You Hear About The Pregnant Woman And 7 Yr Old Boy In Tx

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moe - February 22

I read about the pregnant woman and the 7 yr old boy in Tx and I think it is so sad it brings tears to my eyes. Let's all pray for her, the unborn child and the poor little boy! what is wrong with people these days that makes me so mad, I will be praying for them and their family's and I hope ya'll will do the same..... I din't know if anyone heard about it or not go to google.com and it's under the news, they have been missing since saturday when she was supposed to have her baby shower and she didn;t show-up and they found the bodies today, godbless them.


EJ - February 22

That is so very sad. They're up there now watching us, and that little baby can watch out for all of ours...God Bless them all.


KEEKEE - February 22



~m~ - February 22

Not a good story to talk about with pregnant women. :o(


Moe - February 22

It happened and you should be praying for them and their families!!! And I know it's not a good subject but it happened and she was 7 mo pregnant and I thought a few more prayers wouldn't hurt...


~m~ - February 22

Good Lord! Did I say I wasn't going to pray for them?????? NO, I didn't. Chill baby! By the way, it's rude to tell people what they should or shouldn't do. FYI, I DO pray for those situations. So get off of your b___h box and settle down... it was just a statement!


trixie - February 22

thts really sad..god bless their souls


moe - February 22

I am not on my b___h box, I didn't mean to sound that way and I didn't mean to tell people what to do! It sad enough and I am not trying to argue with anyone about this


~m~ - February 22

TRUCE!! :o)


moe - February 22



moe - February 22

sorry guys I don;t think i should of posted this, it's just too sad.... Sorry if i made anyone upset!!!


momof3 - February 22

I saw that. In the picture she and her son looked so happy. I went into the bathroom and cried! i just cannot see what could make a person kill a pregnant woman and her boy. I Will be praying for them tonight!



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