Difference In Clear EWCM And Cloudy Quot EWCM Quot

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NiceGirl - May 10

I'm really confused on this cycle. On last saturday night I had "tacky" CM, come sunday-monday (I forgot to record) I got clear, shiny, stretchy EWCM and slightly thick and it resembled most like egg whites. The next day I got a really cloudy and gobful of it (it was extremely thick) and had a hard time stretching it and if I did it would break. Which one is supposed to be the fertile one? The cloudy type only showed up once and vanished and later turned in to creamy CM. So now I've had nothing but creamy CM since tuesday. I know I did ovulate because of the pains I had about those days. I'm just trying to figure out which DPO I would be currently. :/


krissy2006 - May 10

The clear stretchy resembles 'eggwhite' cm is thee most fertile and thee most conducive to the motility of sperm. The clearer/stretchier/thinner the ewcm is the faster sperm can swim upstream and the longer their lifespan. The thicker/cloudier/lotion-ier in consistency the less motile the sperm will be and the shorter life span they will have. FYI- you can tell your fertile window by your cervical mucous but you cannot tell the exact day you ovulated by your cervical mucous as your cervical mucous does not dictate when you ovulate. Cervical mucous is dictated by how much estrogen is in your body at any given time (the more fertile you are generally speaking, the more estrogen you will have in preparation for ovulation) however some women can have up to a week of fertile cm while others seem to have none at all and still ovulate and become pregnant. The only way to pinpoint the exact day of ovulation is by basal body temping in tandem with OPKs. GL to you!


MelissaP - May 10

Krissy is right. Only basal body temps will tell you when you have ovulated. And even that kind of sucks because you won't know until after the fact. But temping with opk's can definitely help you pinpoint it. Are your cycles irregular or can you pretty much expect af at the same time every month? If you know when to expect af, count back 14 days from your expected af and that is when you have ovulated-approximately =)


NiceGirl - May 11

Thanks girls! Melissa my cycles are extremely regular ever since getting off BCP (28 days exactly). Counting back 14 days puts me exactly where I want to be lol. A little more than a week and I'm gonna attempt at testing early. :D I also just found out yesterday that my brothers girlfriend is expecting (which would put her 4 weeks away from me) so If I get it this month it would be absolutely perfect. I really hope I caught it this time around.


NiceGirl - May 11

Oops, that 28 days thing could be confusing to people. I meant to say that I have 28 day cycles exactly.



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