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BrandiH - October 5

Why is it that the more sites I look for answers on the more confused I get. Many of them state that you don't feel sick until 2 weeks after conception and other sites say you may start to feel things right away. Either I'm pregnant or I have a few different illnesses at the same time plus I'm getting my period a week early! Has anyone else had symptoms within a week of ovulating?


kay101 - October 5

From my research, I have found that you can usually start getting symptoms when the egg implants, which can happen in 6 days, so I would say yes you can have symptoms in a week. Last time I was pregnant I tested 9 days past ovulation and already knew.


GimmeaBub - October 5

My symptoms started happening a coypla days after i ovulated i think, mine was just nausea at first, then came indigestion. As far as your period goes, is it light or heavy? Baby Juice


BrandiH - October 5

Don't have my period yet, just some major cramping, I'm not sure if it's the same as normal or not, but I'll be a week early if I get it this week. Today and yesterday all I've had to do is think about eating and my stomach gets upset. I've been dizzy and all that good stuff, bot to mention gasy, and I never get gas. I just can't wait until I can test. I'm wondering when I should.


beardtl - October 6

My symptoms led to my testing- I tested on a Saturday 8-18 and my LMP was 7-20 so I tested before AF was due and it came back positive. I was unusually tired- that Saturday was the third day out of the week that I left work early for being just too tired- I couldn't even leave the parking lot at work before taking a nap in my car- i was abnormally tired even after drinking numerous energy drinks- i felt like something was taking over my body and I was losing the battle...I thought this was the worse case of PMS i've ever had b/c being pregnant wasn't even on my mind- we were trying but i was soo focused on how bad i felt that i didn't think it was realistic b/c the tiredness i had plus all the normal symptoms of af coming- cramps- bloating etc...So to answer your question I felt my symptoms immediately- my period symptoms multiplied by 10...hope this helps.


jennifer_33106 - October 6

Though some call me crazy but before I got my BFP my body knew I was pregnant. For me, S_x hurt! Like I was trying to fit a turkey into a sandwich baggie. haha and no kidding but since Oing I had sore BB's. I strongly believe that your body knows that conception has occured and starts preparing right away. As far as when symptoms start, no pregnancy is the same. For some it starts when it implants others not tiil 8 10 12 weeks. If you wanna test I would suggest waiting til you are late, that way you are less apt to get a false positive and use first morning urine! GL!!



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