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j - December 2

if you are pregnant , what kind of va___al discharge would you have, and how early, I am experiencing a thick creamy discharge at the moment and I am 2 days late, could such a discharge be a symptom of pregnancy...??


G - December 2

Hello, My husband and I had s_x frequently during ovulation time, at that time I had the normal egg white CM. But then it stopped(I guess I was no longer ovulating) but on day 20 of my cycle I did have thicker, not stretchy discharge for one day. that went away for a while, but today, day 24, I have more thick, creamy discharge. What could that mean?


Grandpa Viv - December 2

A clear or creamy discharge is common in pregnancy. It can start early, and it gets more noticeable as time goes on.


Christine - December 2

yes...it is one of the earlier symptoms...good luck


G - December 2

Sorry for being repet_tive, but I hate being diappointed every month. Could the discharge be an early sign, even though it doesnt occur every day???? Thanks


G - December 3



Leah - December 3

Does anyone know why this discharge occurs, and do you think it can start before implantation, I ovulated Monday or at least had the mucus related to it, and it immdiately stopped considering there may have been some little guys floating around from the previous days, and then it went to sticky and now a lot of creamy discharge, but I would think it's too early, what kind of mucus usually occurs the couple weeks after ovulation, I can't recall??? Thanks


Danielle - August 16

I haven't come to the point of a missed peroid yet but i was wondering if there could be other signs of pregancy. I just have not been feeling myself lately. My stomach has been feeling weird (can't explain). I have been having a lot of indigestion, which I never get, I even woke up with it today. I also had a mucus looking, kind of like a big snot come out of me after I peed. It was a light green color, which never happens. Just wondering what u think.


Emily - August 16

Hey G I just had a really light positive 2 days ago and for about 2 weeks before that I had this discharge coming out all the time it was really thick and yellowish colored. Hope this helps.


Claudia - August 16

I just started another post (6dpo what is going on?) about this same thing!! I am experiencing creamy white/watery discharge. I have had it for the last 4 days... it seems to get worse each day..... I see Grandpa Viv says this could be an early sign of preg. but how early - 6dpo?? I would like to know if it is too early to tell or not.


r - August 17

i am 25 days late out of a 23 day cycle and i have completley missed my first period but should be getting my 2nd now i have been ttc for 14 months and nothing until now. when i missed my lmp i had creamy and increased discharge all month now it has gone to thicker and i have had brown spots in it for 2 days then l;ast night it was little bits of brown stringy stuff now its more like browny white paste. i dont understand and all hpts neg well i havnt done 1 in a week as i am waiting to see whats happening. any advice or help?


A - August 19

What would normal( not pg) discharge be like?


r - August 20

well it changes in the month before period it is thick like paste before ovulation it gets more thinner and when you ovulate its like eggwhite. and then it starts to thicken up again towards period, if you are pregnant it goes to like a creamy colour and quite thin and theres lots of it


N.S. - August 20

thanks r, i dont know if im pregnant yet because all my tests are coming out to negative but i have all the symptoms....and now u just confirmed it by describing the exact same cervical mucus i have right now


r - August 21

yeah i have had it for 6 weeks now


D - August 22

I don't know if any of u r like this but before my peroid i am less wet than normal. but my question is how is it when u r preg r u more or less wet than normal?


Star - August 22

I was expecting to see my af on saturday, but still no sign. The other day I felt like I was dripping down there, it just felt so wet! And yesterday I noticed really sticky cm. Today it seems runny again. What is going on with me?



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