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Kim - December 8

I know that discharge is one of the signs of pregnancy, but can the same discharge be a sign that menstration is about to start? I am 7 days late, but I am irregular anyways and I don't want to get my hopes up.


joy - December 8

i thought i was pregnant but my period came and it lastd 7 days so far im still on it. but it was reall light and on the 5 day of it it came ot like dark red or like a brown color and now red clear color is comeong out


angela - December 8

I am on my second pregnancy, I didn't start haveing a discharge until i was about 4 or 5 months pregnant and it increased after that. It depends what kind of discharge you are having. It should not have an odor and it should be clear, if yours is not, i would suggest getting checked out for a ph imbalance, or yeast infection. If it is light brown, almost like dried blood, it can be spotting, which can happen before or after a period or even in between and have nothing to do with pregnancy. On the other hand, some women expierence light spotting when they are pregnant. It is one of those things that could be caused by a number of things.


christy lantz - December 9

I am having white discharge is that a sign that I am pregnant .


Nat - December 9



Jess - December 9

I am wondering the same thing?


Kim - December 9

It was pretty clear to begin with and pretty light discharge, but now it seems to have also changed to a white. I've just never noticed anything like that prior to menstration and I am ttc, so I was just curious if this is normal for pregnancy, and if it is also normal for pending menstration. I am now 8 days late with a negative on a hpt


Kim - December 10



Kim - December 10

The reason I am asking this question is that I never paid attention to the signs of my period until 6 mths ago when we started ttc, and I honestly do not know if before your period there is whitish discharge, can anyone answer this for me, or is it one of those things where it is different for every woman.


A.V - December 10

I really don't know the answer to your question, I would probably just take another test in a week. Or have a blood test done.Sorry I couldn't be of much help. I know with out any responses to your question you might be getting upset.


Jess - December 10

I really don't have discharge before i get my period but who knows we all could be different.



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