Discharge And Blood

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M.Z - April 16

I just found out that I was pregnant a week ago! I am very excited but worried too! I have always worried about everything and now that I am pregnant I am sure I will worry more! My question is, about 5 days ago and this morning, I have some thin, egg white discharge with a little bit of brown color to it. I think it is a spot of blood but I am not sure. My collegue at work just had a miscarriage this year and I am terrified I will too. Can anyone explain this discharge with a spot of brownish blood in it? Please?!


Melissa S. - April 16

Sometimes a day or two after having intercourse it is possible to have some discharge with a tint of brown. This happens because the cervix is filled with a greater blood supply than usual, and may cause you to spot. If it gets heavier or happens for no reason (not related to having intercourse), you should contact your ob/gyn. Also, at your next visit I would mention the spotting to your dr., just so he/she is aware. It is possible that you are in a high risk pregnancy and intercourse may be unadvisable. I hope this helps. Keep us posted. Lots of luck and baby dust.


AD - May 5

I had some discharge with blood in it, but my period is not due but for another 2 weeks, and I haven't had intercourse in a week and a half. Could you possibly tell me why this happened?


erica - May 5

M.Z.- Don't worry everything is going to be fine. I just found out I'm pregnant yesterday. I already have 4 ages 16,14, 10 and 6. When I was pregnant with my 16yr old I had the same thing happen to me. Whe I asked the doctor she told me not to worry about brown blood or discharge. It always means it's old blood. Specially if you're not having cramps and deep red blood. Just relax and stop stressing. That will effect your baby. Just remember what every you feel your baby feels. I will praye for you and you're precious little bean.



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