Discharge During Pregnancy Viv Christine Anyone

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Missy - December 27

If a you're pregnant would you have discharge? I last ovulated earlier this month, my husband & I tried to conceive during this time, but since then I haven't really had any discharge. I'm due for my AF today, having cramps in lower stomach, very sore & swollen br___ts so I'm hoping to be pregnant but just wondering if I would have discharge also. Is that common in pregnancy?


Donna - December 27

It is very common! Then again, if we were all the same, we wouldn't be on this site looking for answers! I have three kids, and am still wondering! I went through infertility with all three of them, and now I am waiting to see if the Dr. pulling my iud out mid cycle caused me to get pg. My AF is due on Thursday, and waiting is driving me crazy!


Missy - December 27

Thanks for your advice. So you say it is common? Because I'm not really having any so I was wondering if that was normal. I have only 1 child and its been almost 6 years so I really don't remember all the symptoms I had. We really want to get pregnant and have been trying for about 4 months now. Good luck with your results. I may take a hpt today anyway to see what the results are. I'm anxious!


Grandpa Viv - December 27

So do your cramps and b___sts feel different from usual AF? You might save your money and wait a week with that hpt. Discharge is common later in pregnancy but is not a required early sign. Fatigue, intestinal changes and bladder function changes are more common at this stage.


kat - December 27

im having less discharge to usual but have other pregnancy symptoms,also waiting abit longer to test again.


Marla - December 27

I was just woundering if I am pregnant I would just be 2 weeks and I was going to do a hpt tomorrow and I was just need advice on this would that be to early yo test would it show up and I was woundering what is the veins in your b___st supose to look like because I have them but I dont know if they have always been there or not and they are really dark blue...


Angelina - December 27

Marla, it is probably to early to do an HPT. Wait a week after your missed period and take an HPT first pee of the morning. Good Luck!



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