Discharge From Nipples

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Natasha - December 8

Hi everyone, I am alsmost 6 weeks late for af and I haven't had a positive pt. I have had loads of symtpoms over the last 8 weeks including itchy nipples, bachache, etc. Even though I have been diagnosed with pcos and have irregular periods, I haven't waited this long for one for more than 5 years! Last night I gently squeezed each nipple and this stuff which looked like skimmed milk came out. Can this happen for any other reason than pregnancy?? I am a little excited as I am pretty convinced i am pregnant. Can anyone else who is or has been pregnant tell me what stage this happened to them? Thanks


molly - December 8

to natasha. i have that same exact thing happening. my lkast pregnany ended in m/c, my nipples had white spots in them during that pregnancy. now i am convinced that i must be pg, iu have very tender b___sts, lower backache and cramping like af is coming but she hasnt shown yet. today is cd 31 my cycles have been very irregulkar since the m/c so i am really hoping for that BFP. good luck to you!! keep me updated on how it turns out?


Jen - December 8

I am vurrently 15 weeks with my 3rd rpegnancy, hopefully 2nd child and I have the discharge from my nipples even when not pregnant. it is normal for a woman to have discharge from the b___sts. I had leaking of milk a few days after my son was bron and I have leaked once at about 8 weeks with this pregnancy.


Natasha - December 8

thanks molly and jen for your replies. Jen I thought this was a pretty good sign of pregnancy, I am 28 and have never had this happen before. I went to my doctor 3 weeks ago as I asked him to do a hormone profile and a preg test (blood). He told me they don't do a blood test unless there has been bleeding with a confirmed pregnancy. He said if I was pregnant I would have had a positive hpt by now. I told him I knew people who never got a pos hpt and he said he has never known that to happen (what do docs know!). He said he would do it but I refused as I didn't want to seem silly if it turned out negative. I am going to go back next week if af doesn't appear and get a blood test, results take 3 - 7 days to come back I think so hopefully i will find out before Christmas! I hope you get a bfp soon molly and congrats Jen on being pregnant.


Natasha - December 9

Gosh , it's been going crazy at this forum. It's a pity people have nothing better to do than try to annoy others on this site. Molly, i was wondering if you had a bfp yet or any other symptoms?? I still haven't had bfp or af, I have had a few cramps today tho, but hopefully af will not come!!



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