Dizziness Why

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Jade - February 22

Some background info:So I had s_x on 1/21, but used withdrawal method. Had a seemingly normal but shorter period on 2/9, and since up until 2/19, I haven't had ANY symptoms. Took 2 hpt just in case, but they turned out negative. For the past 3 days I've had a very a rapid heartbeat that leaves me feeling like i came from an intense workout, as well as some lightheadedness/loss of balance. What is this? Could it be a sign of early pregancy despite 2 negative hpts and no other signs?PLease help...I'm starting to worry....


bump - February 22



Grandpa Viv - February 22

This is not a typical pregnancy post. Confirm that your heartbeat is rapid by checking the pulse in your wrist. Sometimes it feels fast but really isn't. Something like this would cause me to call my doctor. Google tachycardia to see the many causes of rapid heartbeat.


s - February 23

Hi, with my first pregnancy this was how i found out I was pregnant through dizzines and and light headiness which sometimes led to fainting, and sometimes the feeling of the rapid heartbeat-(although I agree with Grandpa Viv that it probably just feels fast) which started between 8-12 weeks pg and lasted till birth, but as Grandpa Viv says if you have no other signs of pregnancy you should look at other causes for this too as it could be a condition which needs treatment. good luck and hope everything works out ok!


me - February 23

my pulse has gone from being 80 to 100 in just a few weeks. is that normal in pregnancy?!


me - February 23

also i am experiencing light headiness and rapid drop in energy quite often.


Heartbeat - February 23

What about feeling your heartbeat everywhere? You know how sometimes you hit your finger (or something) and you can feel the blood pulsing in there? I can totally feel the blood pulsing around my stomach (sorry if it sounds gross). It doesn't happen all the time every day, but it does happen often lately (accompanied by some flutters). I have had other symptoms, could this be one, too?



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