Dizzy Spells In Shower

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newlywed - February 25

I dont know if I am pregnant yet or not, but I was curious to know if any of you who do know that you are or where pregnant have had this happen to them. I was in the shower yesterday afternoon and after being in there for about 5 min. I got suddenly sick to my stomach, felt extremely dizzy, and felt like I was going to pass out. I got out of the shower right away and sat by the toilet thinking that I was going to throw-up. I thought it had went away after a few minutes and went back in the shower, but within the same amount of time I got sick again. I was justs curious if any of you have gone through that or might know why I would have had that happen? Thanks for any input!


javidsgirl - February 25

just curious but was a hot shower because a too of hot of shower can cause that


newlywed - February 25

no not really a hot shower. It was what I would consider a warm shower because I don't like the water being too hot. Maybe that was a factor, but it was the temp. I usually have it and usually im fine.


javidsgirl - February 25

hmm maybe it could be your preg symptom then how many dpo are you? and have you tested recently ? or when do you plan on it?


newlywed - February 25

Well the reason as to why I dont know if I am or not is because I started what seemed to be my period last Sun. The only thing is that it didn't seem like my normal period to me. Usually I am moderate to heavy flow and red in color. Accompanied by cramps, headaches, etc. But this was pink and extremely light. It last two days and might have filled two tampons. It stopped on Tues. a.m. but then Wed. night it was back for about 2 hours and then stopped. I am a bit confussed because I know that it wasn't my normal period. I took an htp on Fri. but it was -. I dont know if I might have tested too early or what. Any more advise would be helpful though!


Fall - February 25

javidsgirl, this happened to me... I was pregnant! I felt so yucky every morning I got into the shower, dizzy and sick to my stomach... I had to keep Saltin cracker neer by :) Good Luck


Pearl - February 25

I just got a positive result on Saturday and last Monday, I woke up and the same thing happened to me. I felt like I had a few too many to drink, but I haven't had any alcohol in months... I stepped out of bed and almost fell over, then got dizzy again in the shower, then again while getting dressed. That was the only symptom I've had so far, other than missing my period...Good luck to you!


newlywed - February 25

Any more advice or input would still be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks


newlywed - February 26

Still getting dizzy when I stand up. Not even getting up fast, but slowly since the dizziness started. Still dont know what to do. HELP please!!!!!


javidsgirl - February 26

i really think you need to see a doctor for this continuing vertigo (dizziness) plz let us know what the doctor says


newlywed - February 26

I have a doctors app. for March 6 but it just seems like that is so far away. I've done everything people say to do about not getting up too fast from sitting down and not taking very hot showers, but I still seem to get dizzy. I hope to get some answers soon.


iluvchazz - February 26

i got extremely dizzy in the shower in my jirst pregnancy, i thought i was going to pa__s out everytime....try cooler water, besides, too hot water is bad for a fetus if you are preggers


newlywed - February 26

iluvchazz: Thanks for your input. This would be my first pregnancy if I am. Hope i'll get more info. when I go to the doctor. Thanks


SaraLynn - February 27

newlywed, I am 14 1/2 weeks pregnant. My first symptom was a goofy period like yours. It started about 4 days earlier than I was expecting it (even though I am not regular), lasted through the night and that was the end of it. I waited a couple of days after I expected it to show up, did a test and it was +. I was so shocked because I didn't have any of the usual symptoms that you always hear about. I went to the doctor the next day and had a blood test to confirm it, and the doc's agreed, it was +. A few weeks into the pregnancy I was taking a shower, a colder one than what I normally take, and as I was rinsing my hair I got really dizzy. I didn't get sick to my stomach or anything, but I almost completely blacked out in the shower I was so dizzy. Good luck with your doctors appointment. Your hpt's might be coming back - because your hormone levels are high enough for you to have symptoms, but low enough for the tests to not be picking it up. Different brand tests pick up different levels of hCG, so your test might not have been sensitive enough. I used First Response to do my test, and I read an article onling that had gone and tested all tests out there and in all categories First Response was #1. Good Luck!


Kiersten - February 27

Hey newlywed! When did you get married? My husband and I got married this past June. I went through the EXACT same thing you've been describing about a week and a half ago. I had a never ending headache and every time I moved at all I got soooo dizzy. I'm waiting to test March 1. It'll be a surprise to my hubby if I am, because the dizziness is gone. Instead I've been very nauseous, crampy, temps high, and can't get enough sleep! But... I've tried to keep how I've been feeling on the down low. I don't want him to worry if it's a false alarm. Are you guys ttc? GL I'll be praying for you! :)


newlywed - February 27

SaraLynn: Thanks so much for all that you said. My husband has been getting on and trying to get more information because he is rather concerned. If my hormones are high enough to have symptoms and low enough for it not to be being picked up in an htp, then will that have any effect on a blood test that I might have at the doctors office next week? I just dont want that to come up negative and then a few months later find out that we really are and were. Again thank you for all that you said, it was very helpful. Congrats to you with your baby on the way!!!!!!!!!


shea - February 27

newlywed, whether or not it's pregnancy-related, it sounds like your blood pressure's really low. Why not go to a pharmacy where they have one of those self-testing machines? I have really low bp, and went through a phase of syncape (fainting) related problems a few years ago. Things that can help - drink a lot of water to stay really well hydrated and increase your blood flow. Increase your salt intake (not tons, just a bit) to help you retain fluid. I was even told that "caffeine is my friend," as it increases heart rate (therefore bp), but this may be something to consider after you find out if you're pg or not. Good luck! Let us know what the doc says.



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