Do Tree Hpt Work Well

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nino3 - February 2

This month i have only taken $ tree tests. my temps are going down though and today i got what i thougt was a neg. I left it in the bathroom and when i went back at lunch , there was a very werid super skinny hard to see without squinting and good lighting line there. Its sooo hard to see but its there and it had a super tiny hint of color too. Its way pass the time limit because i saw it like 5 hours later. Who knows, i am not excited at all because my temps have been going down for the last few days so i am sure af is coming. According to me i am 14 dpo today but i am sure i still wont get it today because my temps are not below the coverline though. I did overide ff chart because i hadnt taken my temps often this month. Anyways just wanting to know how reliable this things are and if anyone has gotten a negative on $ tree test when they were still pg. or the other way around. Im sure its probably an evap. line and im just seeing things. Just wondering.


snickelfritz - February 2

I love $tree tests but they are REALLY bad with evaps. Don't trust any line that shows up after the time limit. GL!


nino3 - February 2

thanks snickelfritz. thats what i thought. i am glad i wasnt excited at all. I figured this is what it was. Well, i guess ill just wait it out till my temps fall below the coverline which they are on their way down. If not, ill jut wait till Sunday and test again with FMU and maybe another type of test. Thank you.


snickelfritz - February 2

Again, good luck!


Cerendipy - February 2

Personally, I had terrible results with $tree...i got a postive with clear blue easy digital and with FRER but BFNs with $tree....


crackersforme - February 2

Cerendipy....did the $tree eventually turn up positive for you (just days after the other tests)? Or did they ALWAYS come up negative while the others say positive? I guess I'm just asking if they still say negative. I've just heard this from someone else too, & was just wondering.


Megs - February 2

I always see an evap line DURING the time limit and then it goes away about 30 minutes. later... Never after the time limit for me! I think I'll just stick with FRER or another like and use them sparingly... haha! Good luck!!!


tryin44 - February 2

I had great luck with $ tests my last pregnancy. Worked two days before my period was expcted.


nino3 - February 2

thanks guys i guess im off to walgreens to buy FRER. Thank you i will not get excited at all though.


preggoplease - February 2

Yeah $tree tests are really good in the first 10 min. but after that don't dare look at them because they have almost always given me an evap line! So I would try a different brand like FRER! Good luck tho!


jessicaspatherapist - February 2

i am a dollar tree lover! lol...i got a faint bfp at 8dpo and a very clear bfp at 9dpo....i love their OPK's can you go wrong for $1!? definitely don't look at the test after the time limit though...and i believe its a longer time limit than the normal 3 minutes...i think its 5 minutes :)


nino3 - February 2

well you were right, i suppose that line i saw on the dollar tree HPT was an evaporation line. I went to get some FRER HPT on my way home from work and took one. Needless to say it was very negative. I even took the test apart to see if i could see something but nothing. Anyways i just went to pee and when i wiped i got some cm with some brown in it. i suppose its af on her way, well i guess im out. Ohhh But i sooo much hope she stays away and that my temps stay up so i can test again.....Guess i need to be realistic. Ill test again if no af and my if my temps stay up on Sunday.


preggoplease - February 2

aww I'm sorry nino =[ Your not officially out yet. But if she does come I wish you luck for next month!


Cerendipy - February 3

Ok, so my $tree test never turned positive on 14 DPO when every other test did, but today, 16 DPO, it was positive. Very faint, but definetely positive. Today was the first day it was positive. Clear blue easy digital showed actually said "Pregnant" in the evening on 14 DPO....


preggoplease - February 3

cerendipy- good thing about the digitals is that you don't have to worry about lines and the only way that test would say "pregnant" is because it detects the hcg hormone. So you ARE pregnant silly!!! Congrats mamas! I'm sure you are just fine.



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