Do Any Of You 5 Weekers Have HORRIBLE Gas

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J - October 1

omg! i cant believe how gassy i am! with my first daughter i dont remember anything but being exhausted and sore br___ts. This time i have no sore br___ts, but my stomach feels tight and i have horrible gas. Is anyone else experiencing this??


ray - October 1

i have those symptoms i thought that i couldn't be pregnant as i don't have sore b___sts like i did with my other 3 kids but i hopeing that if my symtoms are different i must be having a boy as i have 3 girls and my symptoms were the same 3 times but now it's different well i hope so anyway love ray xx


Shona - October 1

I am 5 weeks and am the exact same, I cant stop burping, both ends! I dont remember this 1st time around either. I keep getting the hiccups too. Have you had any cramps, I have but not as bad as period pains but I was still a bit worried as I dont rememeber having that before either.


ray - October 1

i know that the cramps are from your belly making room for your belly but i think the gas is because of your utrus pushing on everything that's why there is so much gas it should settle down soon as your belly have got though the expanding time best of look for you love ray x


Jenna - October 1

see thats the thing ray i didnt have this with my daughter but i did have sore b___sts. pregnancy is so weird.


ray - October 1

i know what you mean it's a weird thing ain't it i didn't have this with my other two either but i did with my 3rd baby i think every baby picks the symptoms(ha ha) for there mums love ray xx


Viv - October 2

"The high progesterone levels decreases the tone of non voluntary muscles. These muscles relax. The bowel muscles ( also involuntary muscles) also relax. The bowel contains gas and as the muscle tone decreases the gas causes bowel distention. A feeling of bloating is thus very common in pregnancy . ( long before the the pregnancy itself is palpable)." You may be able to reduce the gas somewhat by adjusting your diet (?oatmeal?)



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