Do Dogs Know When You Are Pg

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ZenGirl - June 19

I am 11dpo and have been having symtoms such as, sore bb's, pulling in lower abs,constipation, aversion to my daily coffee and anything ranch(who knew?), my face has broken out for the first time since 10th grade (I am 31), I am going to the bathroom more frequently, I get nauseas after I eat, definately have cm, dark blue veins on my right bb and I am very tired. The funniest thing though is that my dog has been following me everywhere. He is no spring chicken and usually watched the goings on in the house from the comfort of his bed. I can't go anywhere without him being right next to me. Anyone think that there maybe something to this?


Rhonda - June 19

Zengirl,i do beleive dogs know when you are pregnant.My dog has been real clingy to me all day.and i tested today(as you know)and got a bfp(even though it is very faint)so yep i think they know.And i bet you are pregnant as well.


snugglybugglys - June 20

I tested at 10DPO, and my dog started acting like a puppy, and also following me around every time I went outside. So I think dogs sense when you are pregnant.


linds99 - June 21

Funny thing about dogs, I believe it could be something to it. My aunt got ovarian cancer and her dog started always putting his head on her lower abdoman and sleeping by her bed, something he never did in the 7 years she had him. Anyway, one day his head was pressing on her lower abdomen and he kept on licking it and she felt pain there that she previously dismissed. So she went to the doctor and then got diagnosed with the disease. She is Ok now, but she always says her dog knew before she did.


ZenGirl - June 21

I guess after they spend so much time with you they get in sync abd just kinnd of tune in. I'm thinking that there mnight be something to it. Maybe I'll test in the morning and see if my dog is right.



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