Do Early Pregnancy Tests Ever Work

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Rebecca - March 6

Due for af March 8th and am pretty sure our timing was right on target. Think I am having symptoms but not sure if it's all in my head. Dizziness, headaches, nausea, heartburn, and very tired. I thinkI had implantation bleeding around 4 days after ovulation. I was pretty convinced I was pregnant til I took an early hpt yesterday and it was negative. Was is just too early to tell????? Or should I believe the negative?


mulgajill - March 6

actually... i dont think they work very often (that is why there are usually two in a box... to try again in a few days).... i read that they vary in sensitivity, even to the point of two tests from the same box having slightly different sensitivity.... So try again on the 8th


charlotte - March 6

I have heard that it is rare for them to work brfore your due date. I used an early test 3 days befor I was due, and got a negative, 3 days later I got a positive. The same thing happend with my last pregnancy. Wait a few more days at least, It may save you time and stress. GOOD LUCK


kim - March 6

The same thing happend with me, I tested a few days early and got a negative. So waited till I was due 2 days after and got a positive with another test.


Grandpa Viv - March 6

There is info on the web that comparative testing put First Response Early Result at the top of the sensitivity heap. The kit that was checked showed a positive at 6.5 miU rather than the 25 miU advertised on the package. The testing is not repeated regularly, so that info is just a snapshot in history.


kam - March 6

I took one too and got a neg as well but I was told that they do not always pick up the hormone unless it is up at 25 miU. a Dr ffriend of mine told me to wait at least until I was a week late before testing again at home...or to get a blood test.


Rebecca - March 7

Thanks everyone. I am going to test again tomorrow and hope for a positive! I am extremely tired today! Hope that's a good sign. What brand of test has everyone used?



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